21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”

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14 Giant Mark Twain redwood tree cut down by loggers in California in 1892
 Giant redwood tree cut down
Image Source: N.E.Beckwith/National Geographic Archives

13 King penguins pose in front of boys dressed up in school uniforms at the London Zoo in 1953

king penguins posing with boys
Image Source: B.Anthony Stewart and David S.Boyer/National Geographic Archives

12 Woman dressed like a Chinese goddess poses in a Californian garden in 1915

chinese goddess
Image Source: Franklin Price Knott/National Geographic Archives

11 Countless welt scars form a beautiful pattern in the entire back of a Nuba woman in Sudan, 1966

 welt scars on sudanese woman
Image Source: Horst Luz/National Geographic Archives

10 Giant ball hoofed around by Arizona cowboys riding horses in Phoenix in 1955

Giant ball played by arizona cowboys
Image Source: Black Star/National Geographic Archives

9 Greek dancers dressed like in ancient times pose between the columns of Poseidon’s temple in Greece in 1930

Poseidon's temple in Greece
Image Source: Maynard Owen Williams/National Geographic Archives

8 Late Pope John Paul II carrying the Holy Communion before Mass on Holy Thursday in Rome in 1985

 Pope john Paul 2
Image Source: James L.Stanfield/National Geographic Archives
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Picture 21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”
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