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Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Built “Time Machine”.

An Iranian business mind seems to have brought the much yearned and dreamt of equipment- A time machine, into real time. Ali Razeghi, scientist from Tehran claims to have triumphed over time by building a machine that enables a user to fast track up to eight years in the future. He calls it “The Aryayek Time Travelling Machine” as the machine is registered with the Center for Strategic Inventions run Iran, by this name. 

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Twenty seven years of age, Razaeghi claims that the machine uses a number of complex algorithms and predicts the future up to 5 (five) to 8 (eight) years with an accuracy of 98 percent. The machine apparently takes readings from the touch of hand and prints it accordingly. 

Ali is the managing director of the state’s Center for Strategic Inventions who had been working on this machine for ten years. The brilliant man already has 179 inventions in his name.

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The machine is claimed to fit into a PC case and is meant to bring the future to the user. The most vital benefit of this device is that the government of Iran has the capability of predicting a military confrontation or even forecasting rise and fall of the currencies. The new device will also be able to predict the oil prices.

This device is meant to prepare the countries for various challenges that may dawn upon them in future. This device is expected to be marketed among states and individuals upon entering a stage of mass production.

According to Razeghi, this project of his wasn’t welcomed by his friends and family as they thought Ali tried to play God with this invention. However, according to him, this device is no where against religious ethics. He says that Americans have been trying to create such a time machine for years wasting millions of dollars while he accomplished it with less than half the cost. 

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Ali is hesitant in launching the prototype of the device as he suspects China of stealing the idea and producing it in manifold numbers. 


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