21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”

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Picture 21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”

The World Renowned National Geographic Magazine has covered an incredible journey over 125 years ever since their first publication in 1888. They have established the “Found” Project in 2013 with the sole mission of restoring and publishing their old unpublished photos which have been selected by Guardian of the Collection William Bonner together with Editor Janna Dotschkal. Here are 21 of these unpublished photos by national geographic given below

21 Massive British steamer and sister ship to the Titanic, The Britannic, launches from Belfast Harbor in 1914 and get sunk two years later on encountering German field mine in Mediterranean Sea

The Britainnic
Image Source:National Geographic Archives

20 A kitten walking on a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines in 1935

kitten on giant lily pad
Image Source: Alfred T.Palmer/National Geographic Commons

19 An Irish guard faints while the remaining stand at attention in London, England in June 1966

 irish guard faints
Image Source: James P.Blair/National Geographic Archives

18 Hikers standing atop a natural rock bridge on Mt.Rainier, Washington in May 1963

 natural rock bridge
Image Source:Barry Bishop/National Geographic Archives

17 A wave like rock shaped by winds and rain towers above a western Australian plain, in September 1963

wave rock
Image Source: Robert B.Goodman/National Geographic Archives

16 A young Kenyan woman holds her pet deer in her arms in Mombassa, taken in March 1909

kenyan woman with pet deer
Image Source: Underwood and Underwood/National Geographic Archives

15 Giant ape ape leaves that make a man look tiny taken in Puohokamoa Gulch, Maui, Hawaii in 1924

 giant ape leaves in hawaii
Image Source: Gilbert H.Grosvenor/National Geographic Archives

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Picture 21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”
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