Want to meet your doppelganger? Here’s how you can do it!

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The idea of having a doppelganger has inspired some of the greatest writers of our time. Even today, few are unfazed when a friend claims to have seen somebody exactly like them. François Brunelle even has an entire series ‘I’m not a look-alike’ with unrelated people who seem to look like twins.

For 17-year old Swedish-born Sara Nordstrom, and Shannon Lonergan, 21 from Ireland, having a doppelganger is a reality. The two women are not related, and live over 1,600 miles apart. They found each other on TwinStrangers.net, a website with over half a million users that brings lookalikes together.

Sara Nordstrom and Shannon Lonergan
Sara Nordstrom and Shannon Lonergan met on twinstranger.

The duo couldn’t believe their eyes when they met each other for the first time earlier this month in Dublin. They enjoyed a Christmas-themed photoshoot together and posted it online. The post kicked up a storm on social media.

Shannon, a business student from County Kerry, said: “The scariest thing was how our noses, mouths, lips and eyes were so incredibly alike.”

“It frightened me a little bit, but in a good way. As I spent more time with Sara I noticed how our expressions and ways of moving were exactly alike.”

Doppelganger pair Sara and Shannon
Doppelganger pair Sara and Shannon.

“Our personalities are a little different, Sara was a little more shy, but before too long we talked and acted like we had known each other for years.”


“Nothing else was different – you bond very quickly with someone who has your face.”
Sara said: “It felt a bit surreal when we finally met, a bit like looking at yourself.

Sara and Shannon
Sara and Shannon, look-alike.

“We seem to see things the same way – there was a bathroom underneath the stairs in the house where we were staying and at different times we both commented: “It’s just like in Harry Potter!”.

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Picture Want to meet your doppelganger? Here’s how you can do it!
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