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24 Facts About Ancient Pyramids Most People Don’t Know

19. While Egyptian pyramids were used primarily as tombs, Mesoamerican pyramids were used mainly as temples.

Pyramid of the Magician
Image source: wikipedia

The temples were usually situated at the top, which is very similar to the ziggurats in Mesopotamia. The Pyramid of the Magician contains 5 temples. (1,2)


20. Some Mayan pyramids were built with materials imported from Brazil.

Chizen Itza
Image Credits: wikimedia

Mica, a mineral found in thousands of miles away in Brazil, was used to build buildings, houses, temples etc. It has been used in Indian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Chinese cultures. (source)

21. Mesoamerican pyramids are known to have ball-courts that were used for games and other forms of entertainment.

The Mesoamerican ball game
Image source
Ballcourt at Monte Albán
Image source:

Many of the rules of these games have been lost in translation over the years, so the Mesoamerican ball game (El juego de la pelota) is looked as a medley of relative games played on the mason courts near the temples. (1,2)


22. Hundreds of metal spheres were found beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico City.

Mysterious spheres
Image source: Mexico National Institute of Anthropology and History

Once again, robots save the day by finding hundred of yellow orbs that can also be referred to as ‘fool’s gold.’ Historians have not yet figured out what they were used for. (source) 

23. Egypt isn’t the country with the most pyramids. Nubia, Sudan is home to 250 pyramids that were built nearly 800 years after the pyramids in ancient Egypt.

Nubian pyramids
Image courtesy: B N Chagny(wikipedia)

The Nubian pyramids were built by the rulers of the Kingdom of Kash, an ancient African Kingdom located in what is now the Republic of Sudan. All of the tombs have been plundered centuries ago. (source)

24. Historians believe that children were sacrificed in the Pyramid of the Sun 

Children sacrificed
Image courtesy: Wolfgang Sauber(wikipedia)

Not many artefacts were discovered in the Pyramid of the Sun but burial sites have been found along with 12 bodies (10 of them were decapitated). The state of the bodies and the inclusion of animal remains lead historians to believe rituals may have taken place in the temple, possibly dedicated to its erection. (source)


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