10 Facts About Johnny Depp That’ll Make You Love Him Even More!

by Doey Keegan9 years ago
Picture 10 Facts About Johnny Depp That’ll Make You Love Him Even More!

There are many things Johnny Depp seems to be, such as a multimillionaire actor with a luxurious lifestyle. The facts written here show the kinder side to Depp along with his pro-active take when it comes to helping other people, his crew and animals. Scroll down to see Depp in a whole new light!

1 Johnny Depp is related to the first African woman to free herself from slavery.

Johnny Depp African descend
Image source

This guy has a mix of everything in his family history. His ancestry comes from mostly the English as well as parts of Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), Scottish, Welsh, French, Dutch, Belgian (Flemish), German. He is also 3/2048 African to a woman named Martha. In the family tree, she appears as one of his eight times great-grandmothers, and one of his nine times great-grandmothers. The significance of this is the fact that in 1656, Martha was the first African woman to legally free herself from slavery.(source)

2 Johnny Depp has played guitar for Marilyn Manson and Oasis, and sang backup for Aerosmith.

Think Johnny Depp is just talented in acting when it comes to his career? Think again! He has a love of music and has played slide guitar on the Oasis song “Fade In-Out” as well as on the single “Fade Away”. But his skills do not stop there. He played lead guitar and drums on a cover of “You’re So Vain” that appeared on Marilyn Manson’s 2012 album “Born Villains” which led to the duo performing together live at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards. He has written music, even for some of his films such as ‘Chocolat‘ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico‘.

Depp’s musical abilities stretch as far as singing and his voice can be heard in the backing vocals of Aerosmith’s “Freedom Fighter”. Talk about multi-talented!(source)


3 Johnny Depp is nearly blind in his left eye.

Johnny Depp is nearly blind
Image source: www.cinema.com

Johnny Depp is very rarely seen without glasses on in press photos, but this is not a fashion statement. This is because he is nearly blind in his left eye and nearsighted in his right eye. He claims things to be “very blurry” when he is without glasses and told Rolling Stones Magazine that in his life he has “never had proper vision”.(source)

4 Nicholas Cage introduced Johnny Depp to his agent, which started his acting career.

johnny depp and nicolas cage
Image source: www.deppimpact.com

During his early years, Depp focused on his love of music, dropped out of high school and pursued his dream of making it big with his band. In 1983, he married Lori Anne Allison, who was the sister of his bassist and singer at the time, and she introduced Depp to a friend called Nicholas Cage. Cage convinced Depp to try out acting and in 1986, he and his new fiancée Sherilyn Fenn were cast in the movie Thrashin’. He was cast as the lead and this was his first stepping stone into the acting world, all thanks to Nicholas Cage and his life advice!(source)

5 Disney nearly fired Johnny Depp while making “The Pirates Of The Caribbean”

Captain jack sparrow
Image source: screenjunkies.com

The funny drunk that we know and love as Jack Sparrow didn’t get great compliments from Disney and this portal of the pirate almost got Depp fired! He based his character on his idol Keith Richards, who is in fact Sparrow’s father in ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End’. He seemed the perfect fit, considering Depp based his rum-loving character on Richards in the first place. Like father, like son!
As a result of Disney taking a chance on Depp’s seemingly strange take on the character, the movie franchise is one of Disney’s biggest money maker! As Jack would say: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem.”(source)

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Picture 10 Facts About Johnny Depp That’ll Make You Love Him Even More!
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