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You Might Know About Him, But We’re Sure You Do Not Know These 10 Facts About Justin Bieber!

Justin bieber facts

Love him, hate him, but you can’t ignore him! Justin Bieber has been subjected to a lot of mixed reviews since he shot to fame with his “Baby”: on one end, you have the “Beliebers”, and on the other, you have the staunch anti-Biebers. Either way, everyone seems to have an opinion about him, and these 10 facts about Justin Bieber might just help enforce your feelings about this very controversial person.

1. In a US poll for the “Most Disliked Man in America”, Justin Bieber came in fifth, much ahead of murderers and the like.

Justin bieber , "Most hated person"
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He came in 5th among 1,100 polled with 86% votes in the poll conducted by E-Score, much ahead of people like music producer Phil Spector who murdered actress Lana Clarkson, murder suspect Aaron Hernandez and Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s father. The poll, interestingly, was topped by Donald Sterling, former owner of Los Angeles Clippers, who pulled in 92% votes.(source)

2. As a fundraising tactic, a Chicago high school played Justin Bieber’s “Baby” between classes, and students had to pay to stop it being played. The campaign raised $1,000 in 3 days.

Justin bieber, fund raised
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Evanston Township High School, in a bid to raise enough money to save a popular arts center, played Bieber’s “Baby” between classes to encourage students to contribute. And they did: in 3 days, the school managed to raise $1,000, and all because students paid for administration to stop blasting the song between classes.(source)


3. 50% of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are probably fake.

Justin bieber on twitter
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An account is considered to be fake if their tweets contain phrases like “diet”, “make money” or “work from home”.(source)

4. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is the most disliked video on Youtube; it has over 4,700,000 dislikes.

Justin Bieber 'baby'
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5. The Slo-Mo theme of the movie Dredd is based on a Justin Bieber song, slowed down by 800 times.


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