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A bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch and killed entire team

It might sound unbelievable,in 1998 a bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch during a game and killed an entire team, leaving the other team completely unhurt.

All 11 members of a football team were killed by a bolt of lightning which left the other team unhurt, a Congolese newspaper has reported.Thirty other people received burns at the match in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kinshasa daily newspaper L’Avenir said local opinion – known to believe in charms and spells – was divided over whether someone had cursed the team.The two sides were drawing 1-1 in the match in eastern Kasai Province when the lightning struck the visiting team.

“The athletes from Basanga curiously came out of this catastrophe unscathed,” the paper said.

There was no official confirmation of the report – a rebel war affects much of the east of the country.


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