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These 12 Creatures Are The Biggest Of Their Kind, and They Look Almost Unreal!

5. George the Great Dane is the biggest dog that ever lived: he’s over 7 ft long, and weighs 18 stone. 

George, world's biggest dog
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Weighing 250 pounds, and standing tall at 43 inches, George – a Great Dane – held the record for world’s tallest dog for two straight years. He slept on a queen-sized bed at home, and also had the privilege of appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. If this is what having a dog’s life means, we don’t think we’d mind it very much! George, unfortunately, died in 2013.(source)


6. This is Hercules, the Liger, who, at 922 pounds, is the largest cat in the world.

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Living at the Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve in South Carolina, Hercules is 131 inches long, and 49 inches tall at the shoulder. Ligers – the hybrid offspring of lions and tigers – do not exist in the wild; they grow to be twice the size of their parents and can weigh about 100 times that of the average house cat.(source)

7. Pictured, the coconut crab – a species that grows to be over 1 meter across and are strong enough to open coconuts (thus the name) and feed on rats. Also, they can climb trees with magnificent ease. 

Coconut Crab
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They grow up to 3 ft, and are the largest arthropods on land. Coconut crabs are indigenous to small islands in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans, and can live up to 50 years or more. Although deriving its name from its coconut-eating tendencies, the coconut crab has a varied diet, which includes feeding on smaller crabs.(source)

8. This 21-feet long crocodile may be the largest ever caught!

largest crocodile
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Weighing in at 2,369 pounds (1,075 kg), this saltwater crocodile, later names Lolong, was captured after a three-week hunt in the Philippines, and is suspected of attacking several people and killing two.(source)


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