The Amazing Food You Can’t Have in America!!

You shall be startled to learn that the food chains that originated in America and have spread across the world offer delectable fast food at outlets outside America.

1. Cheese Burger Crown Crust Pizza by Pizza Hut, Middle East

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Bored of the regular cheese topped pizza crust with the conventional toppings? This dish is sure a surprise to all pizza lovers. The “Crown Crust Carnival” in Middle East invites you to gorge on a pizza covered with beef, tomatoes, lettuce and a tinge of exceptional excitement. That is a ring of mini cheeseburger over the crust with a Pizza Hut’s special sauce. The brand also offers Chicken Fillet Crown Crust Pizza for chicken lovers that are topped with chicken fingers instead of the cheeseburgers.

2. Gouda Shrimp- Cutlet Sandwich, KFC, Japan

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Fly off to Japan to dwell into the lusciously looking Colonel’s secret recipe burger that just flooded the Japanese markets becoming the hottest invention in the fast food race. This particular burger has a chunk of cheese filled with shrimp and is then deep fried. Hence, the burger is served.

3. Mega Mac, McDonalds, UAE

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The huge sensation of Mega Mac, an entry in the menu of McDonalds, UAE is no doubt an everlasting uproar. While other countries citizens feel satisfied with their two buns and a single patty burger, UAE offers a double dose. The Big Macs are made up of four layers of beef and three buns. Mega Mac is a meal combination of two Big Macs.

4. Green Tea Blizzard, Dairy Queen, Thailand

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Dairy Queen has undergone an amazing twist of turning a healthy element that is used to cure cancer into an icy dessert. While the rest of world shall stay satisfied with their Oreo Blizzards, this new addition will take away the breath of whoever touches it.

5. Dry pork and Seaweed Donut, Dunkin’ Donuts, China

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The country known for serving all kinds of living species on a plate serves a donut that is most yearned for. Of course a chocolate or sugar glazed donut doesn’t count for a fulfilling breakfast. However, this non vegetarian pastry covered with dehydrated and pulverized pig along with seaweed chunks is meant to make the first meal of the day highly enjoyable.

6. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza, Pizza Hut, Germany

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Tired of eating the conventional pizza full of cheese and toppings? This pizza overshadowed many other pizzas on the Germany’s Pizza Hut menu. A pie smothered with pasta and topped with cheese sauce makes taste buds swell and water.

7. Tower Burger, KFC, Australia

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What an irony it is that the restaurant that evolved from the US is making a menu different from the outlets in its home country. Dig in with a tall burger consisting for a fried-chicken patty crowned with hash brown, tomato sauce, gooey cheese, lots of lettuce and mayonnaise. Cherish it all, rest of the world!

8. Jelly and Ice Cream, Burger King, UK

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UK seems to have taken the American Jell-O, revamped it and came up with the delectable strawberry flavored jelly crowned with ice-cream. Ta da! We present Jelly and Ice cream that is meant to wobble the taste buds and make the spectator weep for a bite!

9. Veg Shammi, Subway, India

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Vegans in America are devoid of this great sandwich that Indians seem to totally die for. A kebab made up of lentils and garlic and served with a topping of onions inside fresh crusted bread is a bull’s eye in the wake of increasing vegan-ism.

10. Nacho’s fries, Wendy’s, Japan

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Japanese no longer have to undergo a dilemma as to what to choose between nachos and fries. They can have both with Wendy’s Nacho fries that are deep fried potatoes (regular fries) topped with guacamole, chili, cheese and jalapeno peppers.

The USA needs to buck up!


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