A Woman was once forced to Marry a Dog

by Samir Franklin9 years ago

Embedded in an eastern Indian village, is a tale of a 13 years old girl by the name Mangli Munda, who due to certain reasons, was married off to a bemused pooch. Instructed by the village elders, Mangli and the Dog by name Sheru, exchanged their nuptials in the presence of 70 invited guests, with the entire event being as lavished as any Indian wedding festivity.

Why such a combination you ask, well it’s down to the reasons of how Mangli was plagued with bad luck, which affected both her, her family and anyone that would come close to her, so in other to neutralize that effect, the marriage to the dog was the suggested solution, by the local village guru.

Teen forced to marry a stray Dog
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Although not really happy by her fate that she was wedding a dog, she was in high believe that her allure of bad luck was close to an end, as marry a man directly would bring about automatic chaos and destruction to the community and her family.

The funny irony of the matter comes as a negative for the dog, which would lose his wife to a man after her alleged plague of bad luck is extinguished.
[source: www.nypost.com]

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Picture A Woman was once forced to Marry a Dog
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