15 Interesting Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

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Picture 15 Interesting Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

Spotting the elusive cameos of Stan Lee continues to be one of the most thrilling experiences for every Marvel fan. There are innumerable such interesting details in the movies that frequently go unnoticed. Be it an unexpected cameo or a subtle reference, or a minor blooper or a certain foreshadowing. These minute but fascinating blink-and-miss facts can change your entire perception of that movie once discovered. Here are 15 such interesting movie details which may not have caught your attention at first but will definitely prod you to give it another go. 

1 While filming Split, James McAvoy broke his knuckles, but he continued shooting with a swollen palm without letting anyone know.

Split- James McAvoy
Image credits: Blinding Edge Pictures

Split is a crime thriller revolving around Kevin, a person living with 24 personalities who is charged with abduction of three teenage girls. Portraying the role of Kevin proved very challenging for the lead actor, James McAvoy. He once got so frustrated with the multiple personalities talking among each other that he punched a door and broke his knuckles, but, he continued filming with a swollen palm for three days without telling anyone. He finally went to an urgent care facility. But, as a consequence of this injury, he had to shoot his next film, Atomic Bomb, with his arm in a cast.

2 In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, it was only King Arthur who wore a real chainmail. Rest of the crew’s chainmails were actually made of wool and painted to resemble metal. 

Monty python and the Holy Grail
Image credits: Michael White Productions

In this fantasy comedy, Graham Chapman plays the role of King Arthur who embarks on a mission to find the Holy Grail. The story meanders through comical misadventures of the knights which in turn parodies modern society. In the movie, King Arthur and his knights are clad in chainmail. The fun fact here is that only Chapman wore iron chainmail. The rest of the cast wore chainmails made of knitted yarn which were painted to look like metal. Real chainmail is both expensive and difficult to wear. Chapman’s costume weighed 25 pounds alone. While the woolen chainmail made the cast more agile, they frequently became soggy due to the damp weather of Scotland where most of Monty Python and Holy Grail was shot. 


3 In the Incredibles 2, the painting in Helen’s hotel room subtly illustrates her separation from the family.

Incredibles 2
Image credits: Pixar Animation Studios

After the government shuts down the secret superhero program in The Incredibles, the Parr family is assigned a new mission to capture a new villain who is threatening the world in the movie Incredibles 2. But, after Bob leaves a trail in the last confrontation, Helen Parr, a.k.a Elastigirl, takes charge of the new mission. So, roles are swapped where Bob Parr plays the stay-at-home dad taking care of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, and Helen has to be away from her family.  Helen feels a pang of alienation and loneliness due to this separation. Ironically, her separation from her family is reflected in the abstract painting on the wall of Helen’s hotel room as she speaks to Bob over the phone. While the four, closely placed, brushed strokes represent Bob, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, the lone, faraway brushstrokes, stand for her.

4 In the movie Home Alone, Buzz’s girlfriend’s photograph was actually that of a boy.

Home alone- Buzz's girlfriend
Image credits: Hughes Entertainment via Giphy

Home Alone has been one of the most-watched movies of all times since its release in 1990. Despite this, there are several interesting details that escape our notice. In the scene when Kevin is all by himself in the house after his family leaves him behind, Kevin rummages through his brother Buzz’s stuff and comes across his girlfriend’s photograph. Kevin reacts to the picture with a mocking “woof!”  What many people are unaware of is that the photograph of Buzz’s girlfriend is actually a photo of a boy dressed up as a girl. The director felt that it would be rude to cast a girl only to make fun of her appearance. So, they dressed the art director’s son as a girl and used his photo instead. 


5 In Deadpool 2, Wade realizes from where the shot came because he sees how the blood splashed the camera.

Deadpool 2
Image credits: Marvel Entertainment via Giphy

Much like Deadpool 1, the ingenious “breaking of the fourth wall” (breaking the barrier between the action and the camera) is one of the most unique facets of Deadpool 2. In this movie, Deadpool, or Wade, tries to combat the time-traveling cyborg, Cable. In one of the fight sequences when Cable shoots the guy who holds Wade from behind, Wade looks at the way the blood splashes across the camera lens to discover where the gunshot came from. This makes for one of the fascinating, numerous “breaking the fourth wall” moments of the movie.

6 Although the Joker claims to be a man without a plan, he reads his notebook later in the boat scene. 

The Dark Knight Rises
Image credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Joker is a highly intriguing character in the movie The Dark Knight. A psychopath, he wreaks unprecedented havoc in Gotham city. His character displays several inconsistencies. On one occasion, he claims that he hates schemers and is a man without plans. But later in the boat scene of the movie, he reads his monologue from a notebook. This calls to question his spontaneity. It also makes us wonder if he had a plan all along.

7 In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indi appears with the same scar which the young Indi had obtained when he was trapped with a Lion. 

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Image credits: Lucasfilm Ltd.

In this 1989 classic, “Indi,” an archeologist, embarks on a death-defying journey to Italy in search of the Holy Grail. We see Indi as a young boy on a Boy Scout expedition to Utah at the beginning of this movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He gets trapped in a car with a lion while on the expedition and uses a whip to protect himself. He ends up injuring his chin by using the whip incorrectly. Later, a grown-up Indi appears with the same chin scar. 

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Picture 15 Interesting Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed
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