9 Scientific Studies That’ll Make You Doubt Everything You Know

by Tony Hayes9 years ago
Picture 9 Scientific Studies That’ll Make You Doubt Everything You Know

Science has uncovered a lot of truths about the World we live in. However, there are some studies that seem to bend logic as we have come to know it.Check out these 9 unknown scientific studies and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

1 Increase your chance of being nominated for a Noble Peace Prize by eating chocoloate

Eating chocolate
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It is well known by scientists that the flavanols contained in cocoa have been linked to slowing or reversing age related cognitive decline. One scientist, Dr. Franz H. Messerli performed his own study (okay, hypothesis) of Noble Peace Prize winners, and discovered that Switzerland (which has the highest consumption per capita) is in first place.(source)

2 Watching porn can make you a better bodybuilder

body building
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A recent scientific study has shown that after watching pornography, male bodybuilders can lift heavier objects due to a noticeable increase in testosterone (tested via saliva samples). Perhaps that’ll provide some interesting perspective next time you’re in the gym and notice someone going hard at it.(source)

3 Horses love the taste of bananas over carrots

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In a scientific study of 8 horses by Deborah Goodwin, BSc, PhD, it was found that of a choice of 8 flavors that horses prefer, bananas came in 2nd while carrots came in 6th. Oddly, Fenugreek came in first.(source)

4 Relaxing too much may lead you to be getting fatter

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Everyone knows that inactivty can lead you to pack on the pounds. However, a new scientific study has revealed that relaxing actually causes preadipocyte cells to turn into fat cells faster. Additionally, the cells produce even more fat after long periods of inactivity.(source)

5 Female porn actresses are actually happier than other women

female celeb
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It has been shown in a study by the Journal of Sex Research, that female pornstars actually exhibit above-average self esteem, higher spiritual contentment and quality of life. This may come as a suprise given the old stereotype of pornstars coming from desperate backgrounds.(source)

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Picture 9 Scientific Studies That’ll Make You Doubt Everything You Know
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