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8 Mysterious Transmissions, Strange Sounds And Weird Broadcasts Ever Recorded

We are bombarded by different sounds on a daily basis. Some we can hear clearly while others require the use of specific equipment. Some of these 8 sounds have been identified but some are still a mystery. Many theories have been suggested on the source of these sounds but no scientific consensus exists yet . We look at some of the most mysterious noises, both identified and non identified, that have been detected on land, in oceans, on television and on radio. These noises have led to controversies and piqued our imagination as we speculate on the cause of the broadcasts, recordings and strange noises.

1. 52-Hertz Whale

The World’s Loneliest Whale
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It was discovered by William Watkins, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1989. The vocalization, that was among some old US navy whale recordings, was emitted at 52Hz. This is much higher that vocalization by most whales, which is between 17-18Hz. Scientists were able to track the whale but no one has ever seen it. The media dubbed it “The World’s Loneliest Whale” since it was calling out a mate at a frequency other whales were unfamiliar with and therefore never got a reply. Scientists theorize that it could either be a blue whale, a fin, a hybrid or perhaps malformed and this causes the unique different frequency. To listen to the lonely whale song sped up to 10 times click here

2. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

The Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is one of the most debated and contentious. The voices can only be detected after reviewing audio and visual recordings as they cannot be immediately heard during recording. One of the explanations for these sounds is, ghosts speaking from the graves on frequencies that are inaudible to human ears and can only be heard through playback. Those skeptical of these theories believe they are either from hoaxes, stray radio waves, or interference from neighboring sources.

3. A Phantom Cosmonaut plea

Brothers Achille and Gian Judica- Cordiglia recorded the voice of a desperate “phantom cosmonaut” in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Her last broadcast indicates that her craft was starting to combust around her. This is a transcript of what the woman is said to be saying:
“Come in… come in… come in… Listen! Come in! Talk to me! I am hot! I am hot! Come in! What? Forty-five? What? Fifty? Yes. Yes, yes, breathing. Oxygen, oxygen… I am hot. This… isn’t this dangerous? Transmission begins now. Forty-one. Yes, I feel hot. I feel hot, it’s all… it’s all hot. I can see a flame! I can see a flame! I can see a flame! Thirty-two… thirty-two. Am I going to crash? Yes, yes I feel hot… I am listening, I feel hot, I will re-enter. I’m hot!


4. Casper 911

This is a conversation between a 911 operator and a frightened individual reporting an intruder in 1985. This incident could be termed as a hoax or prank but it builds up a bemusing and bizarre finale. It sounds creepy and a little unnerving.

5. The wow

It was recorded on August 15th 1977 by scientists at Ohio State University working with “The Big Ear Telescope”. It was a 72 second transmission that originated nearly 200 light years away from earth near Sagittarius. The sound was unique and looked similar to earlier predictions by scientists on how an extraterrestrial message would look like. The sound is considered by scientists to have originated either from aircraft signals, satellite transmissions, and space debris reflecting ground based radio transmissions and terrestrial radio and TV signals.

6. The Lincolnshire Poacher

Known as the Lincoshire Poacher, the broadcast consists of several bars of music from a classic folk song followed by a female voice reading out a series of numbers. Its transmission ended in 2008 and was believed to have been from a British RAF base in Cyprius.


7. The Max Headroom Incident

TV icon Max Headroom was creepy during the 1980s. What with the plastic skin, the jerky movements, pixilated appearance and an electronically distorted voice that changed in pitch. On November 22nd 1987, he became a lot creepier when a TV pirate hijacked THE 9 0’OCLOCK NEWS on WGN and Doctor Who on WTTW. He used Headroom’s likeness in a series of nightmare- inducing and demon-like transmissions. The intrusion lasted 25 minutes only on the newscast as was silent except for the static sound. 2 hours later on Doctor Who, he appeared for 90 seconds and there was heavily distorted audio. The mystery man is not known to this day and has never been identified or caught.

8. The Hum

Listed as the 7th most annoying sound in the world by the Time Magazine, the hum is an elusive buzzing sound that has plagued many people worldwide. Some think it’s due to the power lines or the gas pipes while others think they have faulty ears. The hum is heard in different places including Bristol, Taos, England, and Scotland. Only 2 percent of the population can hear the hum which mostly occurs in rural and suburban areas and is louder during the night. This is according to a study done by Geoff Leventhall, an acoustic consultant of Surrey England. The hum also affects mostly people aged 55 to 70. Those who can hear the hum say it causes fatigue, dizziness, nosebleeds, headaches, nausea, joint pains and sleep loss. In worst case scenarios, the Hum has led to suicides.

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