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15 Rare And Unique Albino Animals

11. Wallabies

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Albino wallabies have red eyes. Photo-sensitivity and susceptibility to skin cancer are some of the issues the wallabies face as a result of their skin pigmentation. (source)


12. Elephant

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This rare elephant was spotted in Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand. Albino elephants have a pink hue and are rarely completely white, since they have little fur. Their toenails and eyelashes are also fairer than that of other normal elephants. (source)

13. Gorilla

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Snowflake was famous for being the only known albino in his species. He lived in the Barcelona Zoo, Barcelona, Spain, until he died of skin cancer in 2003. Scientist sequenced his genome after his death and found out that his parents were closely related and this may have led to his lack of color pigments on his skin and hair. (source)

14. Cats

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Not all white cats are albinos. You can spot the difference especially in the eyes. White cats have a range of colors on their eyes but albino cats have a pale blue eye that may appear pinkish blue or pinkish. The skin of the albino cat also lacks pigmentation. (source)

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15. Whale

Albino Whale
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This is Migaloo, a whale that had created quite a sensation after it was first spotted in 1991, on the coast of New South Wales. Whale watchers and tourists followed him on boats every day, just to catch a glimpse of him. (source)


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