10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth

by Unbelievable Facts9 years ago

5 Candido Godoi in Brazil

Candido Godoi in Brazil
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

On first sight, Candido Godoi looks like a fairly normal town in Brazil but if you take a closer look, you realize the town is swarming with twins. In fact, rumors say that a Nazi geneticist fled to this town after the war. He started experimenting on the population and this is what triggered the phenomenon.(source)

4 Kabayan in Philippines

Kabayan in Philippines
Image source: moviepilot.com

Kabayan is home to several caves that contain hundreds of mummified corpses. It’s a good place to visit if you really want to have nightmares.(source)

3 Overtoun Bridge in Scotland.

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland
Image source: www.puentemania.com

You may want to avoid this place if you are a dog lover. Dogs leap to death for no apparent reason and dozens of them have killed themselves over the last half century.(source)


2 Body Farm in Tennessee

Body Farm in Tennessee
Image source: www.orderofthegooddeath.com

“Body farm” is actually a facility in Tennessee used as a training ground for the FBI and other forensic experts. They use it to determine time of death, cause of death etc., and they use real donated cadavers. This means that the place is full of dead bodies.(source)

1 Bannerman Castle in New York

Bannerman Castle in New York
Image source: www.castles.niceworld.info

Bannerman castle is a long abandoned residence that sits in the middle of the Hudson River, New York. It was built by Francis Bannerman, a man who spent his time in this fortress, collecting a huge amount of military grade weaponry.(source)

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Picture 10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth
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