8 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Can Regrow Forever

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Picture 8 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Can Regrow Forever

It might be easier to go to the grocery, but growing these vegetables from kitchen scraps would be totally badass! It does require some time though, but the benefits you will gain from the efforts far outweigh any inconveniences. Growing vegetables in your home will save you money and you can do it indoors with normal household appliances.

All you need to do is use fresh cuttings. Do not use cuttings or waste that has been composting for weeks. When regrowing the plants, make sure you provide them with ample light and water.

1 Scallions

Image Source: wearenotfoodies.com

Regrow scallions using their roots which you normally would discard. Leave an inch of the scallion attached to the root then put them in a glass of water. Place the glass of water in a room with plenty of sunlight or even one that’s well-lit with artificial lighting.


2 Garlic

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Garlic sprouts can be grown from the garlic clove and have a wonderful, mild flavor. The sprouts can be added to pasta, salads and other dishes. When they begin to sprout, place them in a glass that has little water.


3 Bok Choy

Bok Choy
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In a well-lit area, place the bok choy’s root ends in water. Give them 1-2 weeks, then transplant them to a pot that has soil. It will grow a new full head.


4 Carrots

Image Source: www.projectfidgetyfingers.blogspot.com

Carrot greens can be regrown from carrot tops. Arrange the carrot tops in a dish that has little water. Place the dish in a room that is well-lit or on a window sill. Carrot greens are a bit bitter, but when chopped up together with garlic and sweetened with vinegar, they are a delicious addition to any salad.


5 Basil

Image Source: www.cepsinthecity.blogspot.com

Basil cuttings can be used to grow new basil. Put basil clippings that have stems of 3-4 inches in a glass of water and place them in direct sunlight. When the roots are 2-inches long, transfer them to pots containing soil. With time, they will grow into full basil plants. Be sure to change the water constantly though, or the cuttings will become slimy and not mature as rapidly.


6 Celery

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You can use the bottoms of leftover celery for this.  Cut the base off and place it in a shallow bowl or saucer in the sun. The leaves will thicken and grow with time in the middle of the base. Transfer it to soil after 3 days.


7 Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce
Image Source: www.healthybodynow.net

Romaine lettuce can be grown from the bottom of a lettuce head. Put the cores of the romaine lettuce in a ½-inches water. Wait for a few days, then transplant the sprouting lettuce into soil once new leaves and roots appear. The leaves can grow up to twice the size of the core. Cabbages can also be regrown in this same way.


8 Cilantro

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If you place the stems of cilantro in a glass of water, they will grow surprising fast. Transplant them to a pot that has soil when the roots become long enough. Place them in a room with ample lighting. The plants will be fully grown and ready for eating in a just few months.

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Picture 8 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Can Regrow Forever
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