15 Professionals Reveal Secrets That Companies Don’t Want You To Know

by Ritoban Mukherjee9 years ago
Picture 15 Professionals Reveal Secrets That Companies Don’t Want You To Know

It’s true. Every business has its secrets. They are locked up in dark, lonely rooms with really tiny keys. If you knew all of them, you’d probably put every industrial giant out of business. But we can’t have that, can we? Professionals reveal secrets about their companies on the Reddit Community, here are the best 15:

1 Never Hang Up on a Telemarketer

The reason we picked this one is because telemarketing calls are probably the most annoying thing to happen to your phone lines. So, the next time a telemarketer calls you, never hang up your phone. You do that, and the telemarketer just puts you on their “no answer” list and calls you again after some time. Instead, just ask them to put you on their do not call list. They will never call you again!

2 Gift Cards Do Not Expire in California

If you are a resident of California, you are in luck! According to California State Law, a gift card with a monetary value cannot legally expire. So if you have got a $100 Amazon gift card and it’s past expiry date, just call them and tell them you are from California. They will issue a replacement!

3 Cancelling Hotel Reservations in Penalty Period if Still Free

Imagine you want to cancel a hotel reservation, but you’re stuck within a penalty period. What to do? Just go online or make a phone call, and move up your reservation by a few days to get you out of penalty. Then just call up the hotel or log on to their website, then cancel the reservation next day!

4 If Ever Arrested, Never Tell The Cops Nothing

In the United States of America, as in most civilized countries, an arrested person has the “right to remain silent”. That is, if you so choose, you don’t need to answer any questions asked by your arresting officer, or any cops for that matter. Take a lawyer’s friendly advice: No matter how nice or nasty they get, never talk to the cops until your lawyer arrives. It will probably piss them off, but you still stay on the safe side.

5 Never Use The Quantity They Show in Commercials

Did you know that most TV commercials, especially soap or shampoo, show the consumer using way, way more of their product than is actually required? They do this to psychologically program you into using more of the product, so that it finishes faster and earns them more.


6 Never Say the Word “Wedding” at a Florist’s

When you are at a florist’s shop, never utter the word “wedding” before the shopkeeper. Just tell them that you are planning for an event. If you tell them that the flowers are for a wedding, they automatically skyrocket the prices to way higher.

7 The Technology Used Gillette Razors is Good Ol’ False Promising

We think everybody already knows this, but still. Plain ol’ safety razors and straight razors give you an easy and perfect shave. For $20, these razors will last you for years. Instead, people still go for the expensive disposable razors that are said to use “special shaving technology”. That’s just crap talk.

8 Inflating Tires At gas Stations Don’t Cost a Dime!

If you are at a gas station, needing to inflate a flat tire, the station workers have to turn on the air just so long as you ask. There is no need to put quarters into the machine! That’s just another stupid money-making scheme.

9 A Few Turns With a Wrench Can Fix Your Disposal

If your garbage disposal unit is acting funny, there is no need to call a plumber already. Just a few turns there with an Allen wrench from underneath the disposal, and it manually fixes all jams!

10 Laundry Detergents Purposely make Directions Difficult to Read

Laundry detergents are known to intentionally make the directions difficult to read. There are about 5 levels marked by a really tiny ring. This they do so that people ignore the instructions, fill up the whole container and use a lot more than necessary.


11 E-Commerce Sites Offer Huge Discounts To People Who Leave Their Cart Before Purchase

In any case, online shopping websites are known to offer generous discounts to attract more and more customers. But if that isn’t enough for you, just log on to the site, chose your product, add it to your cart and then leave it without purchasing. You will get a call from them in a couple hours offering you a big discount so that you complete your purchase!

12 At a Hospital, Always Ask For an Itemized Bill

Do hospital bills scare the bejesus out of you? Here’s a quick tip: Always ask for an itemized bill when you are at a hospital. This way, they cannot add fake, hidden charges into the bill like a pelvic exam when you went in with a broken arm!

13 Most Airlines Offer a Full Refund Within 24 Hours of Booking

Several airlines offer full refunds if you cancel a flight booking within 24 hours of booking it. However, this policy is never explicitly mentioned on their websites. If you call up their customer service portal, they will confirm it.

14  $5 and $100 HDMI Cables Are All The Same

Tech-savvy people probably already know this secret. HDMI Cables that come for $5 for 2 meters of length have no difference from $100 HDMI Cables. They are all a marketing trick! Next time you shop, just go for the $5 ones, you will save a lot of money.

15  Magic Erasers Are Just Melamine Foam

Mr. Clean magic erasers are so cool. But they cost $10 for 4. But did you know that all they are just melamine foam? You can get them unbranded ones from EBay at $0.25 each! You will need more, but it will still save you money.

In today’s globalized world, there is no end to what business giants will do to soak money out of your hands. Just keep your eyes and ears open, you will end up saving a lot of money! Enjoy trying out these tricks!

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Picture 15 Professionals Reveal Secrets That Companies Don’t Want You To Know
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