Do you know how much Darth Vader’s Suit would actually cost you?

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Picture Do you know how much Darth Vader’s Suit would actually cost you?

Vader’s costume is among the most favorite and most worn costumes for cosplays and during Comic Con events. Wearing a costume is as close as one can get to being part of the world they love so immensely. Many fans would probably give anything to even touch it if it’s made for real.

Darth Vader
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According to Shade Station, making the suit would cost a whopping $18.3 million. The infographic shows the functionality of each part of the suit and how much they cost individually. The base suit alone, which is airtight and withstands exposure to outer space, would cost $12 million. The suit also has augmented reality for the helmet as well to assist in navigation and targeting. So, if you are planning on having your own authentic Darth Vader costume, you better start saving!

Darth Vader Suit Cost
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Here are some quick facts about Darth Vader and his costume from IMDB.

1 The meditation chamber of Darth Vader is said to be hyperbaric with air that has more than one atmospheric pressure. It allows him to remove his helmet and breathe normally for limited periods of time.

2 The Darth Vader mask for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2006) was built from the scratch using computerized lathe to create the mask’s mold. For the first time in entire Star Wars franchise history, the masks were truly symmetrical.

3 George Lucas deliberately had the top part of the suit heavy so that Hayden Christensen would not appear “too accustomed” to it in the movie.

4 In the scene in Episode III, where the inside of the mask is shown when it is lowered over Anakin’s face. The triangular silver item between the eyes inside the mask is an actuator (read-write mechanism) from a computer hard-disk drive.

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Picture Do you know how much Darth Vader’s Suit would actually cost you?
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