Known As The Most Connected Man In The World Chris Dancy Connects To More Than 300 Devices Daily

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Chris Dancy is the most connected man in the world. He has over 700 sensors that record every detail of his existence. The American Software developer’s life is only complete when hundreds of data is fed to him at all times simultaneously.

Chris Dancy, most connected man in the world
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He is named the most connected man on earth after spending four years connecting all the devices he adorns to every smart technology in his home. He then went ahead and piped all that data through to a single online platform. He can now search his entire life that he calls ‘my inner-net’.[quote_box_center]”I started five years ago when I noticed my doctor was having a hard time keeping up with my health records,” he told Mashable. “Around the same time, I worried that the work I did on the Internet could be lost if [there’s] a service shutdown. In an effort to collect this information, I started looking for ways I could gather data when I didn’t have time to write things down.“[/quote_box_center]

Most connected man in the world
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Dancy, now travels light with only seven devices on him. He has the unmistakable Google glass headset that records everything he sees. A Memoto narrative camera hangs around his neck and takes a picture after every 30 seconds. A Pebble watch on his wrist sends him alerts from his two smart phones. Around the other wrist is a Fitbit Flex that tracks his sleep patterns and movements 24 hours a day. Then there’s a Blue HR heart rate monitor that is strapped to his chest, a BodyMedia fitness tracker that is around his upper arm and a Lumoback posture sensor beneath his waistband that vibrates when he slouches.

He weighs himself using the Aria Wi-Fi scale, uses a Beddit mattress cover to keep track of his sleep and has his dogs tracked through Tagg (it logs in their daily activities).

At his house in Denver, all the data collected from these devices is fed directly into his ambient environment. This then adjusts automatically depending on his needs and moods.

‘This data assisted living’ according to Dancy has revolutionalised his life. He was able to lose 100 pounds in 18 months. He also lives in a calm and safe state since he knows that every moment of his Iife is being archived.

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“I am most passionate about feedback that is haptic – vibration or subtle environmental changes – such as lighting that changes to suggest the weather is changing,” he said. “I do take days off with little to no tracking from wearable’s, but because I have so many systems that automatically track what I’m doing, it’s impossible to truly disconnect.

Dancy believes that in a world where most companies are integrating smart technology into products, it will only be a matter of time before people adopt his kind of lifestyle. He, however cautions that in a smart world, people should learn when to share information.

There are mountains of data in everything we use at home, even when it’s not ‘smart,’” Dancy said. “By the end of the decade, there will not be a job on earth that hasn’t been changed by smart objects, wearable computing or personal information.

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Picture Known As The Most Connected Man In The World Chris Dancy Connects To More Than 300 Devices Daily
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