Watching A Can Of Coca Cola Get Destroyed By Lava Is Totally Amazing!

by Unbelievable Facts10 years ago

This is definitely something you don’t come across every day. Lavapix uploaded a video on You Tube to show us how a can of coca cola gets consumed by a volcano. Shot with a Nikon D800 and a GoPro camera, the video is so mesmerizing that it’s hard to look away from the oozy, slow, melt down.

The first can, as explained by the about section, has a tiny hole punched on the top to prevent a random explosion. It gets heated up and squirts the coke. The second can though sealed, falls over immediately it gets in contact with the lava. It gets punctured due to the heat and leaks.

The video was a scientific test on how different objects react to lava hitting them at 2000 degrees. They took safety precautions when shooting the video and only the GoPro was in harm’s way.

By the end of this outing most of my camera gear was just a bit sticky‘ Bryan, the video creator said.

Please avoid trying this at home but if you do, make sure you share it just to bring us some seconds of joy.
[source: youtube(lavapix)]

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Picture Watching A Can Of Coca Cola Get Destroyed By Lava Is Totally Amazing!
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