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Millions Of Chinese People Still Living In Caves In The 21St Century

Cave dwelling is known to be a thing of the past especially in the 21st modern China. Xi Jinping, the current paramount leader of China once lived in a cave too. Those who have moved out of the caves to live in the cities would love to retire there later on in their lives.

Cave Homes China
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Most of these Chinese caves have been passed on from generation to generation. They have been modernized to have electricity, plumbing, water, phone services, etc. depending on one’s financial status. Building materials required are few since they are built on existing landscape. The hills they are dug into provide all year round natural insulation and are more energy-efficient. The caves favor farmers who get more arable land to plant their crops.

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Shaanxi province is home to most of the caves in China since it’s endowed with porous soil which makes it easy to dig. The LA Times report discovered that the caves feature a semicircular entrance covered with quilts or rice paper that leads to a vaulted long room dug into the side of the mountain. The walls are covered with decorations like photographs of movie stars or famous people torn out of magazines. Some of the caves have been reinforced with brick masonry and protrude from the mountains. A family can have different chambers by connecting the caves laterally. Some of the beautiful caves are spacious with high ceilings and a nice yard for exercises and basking in the sun out front.

Beautiful Cave Home In china
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A current TV report in 2007 found that most of the caves were being abandoned by the younger generations although the old were still living there. According to the LA Times report, a one bedroom primitive cave with no plumbing costs $30 rent per month while a three-bedroom deluxe cave with plumbing sells for approximately $46,000. Most of these people rely on potties or outhouses that they empty outside. The unfortunate thing is that most of these caves are not for rent or sale since they are handed down from a generation to another.

Most of those who have lived in caves all their lives would not imagine anything different. They find them easy and comfortable to live in.


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