10 Incredible Weight-Loss Stories that Never Cease to Motivate People!

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Picture 10 Incredible Weight-Loss Stories that Never Cease to Motivate People!

Consistency is the primary element when it comes to weight loss. Without consistency in one’s routine, it is never easy to get into shape. There are many who, with their hard work and determination, have changed their complete physical identity. We bring to you 10 such incredible weight-loss stories that never cease to motivate people all around!

1 Jung Da-Yeon is a Korean mother who, at the age of 47, ambitiously started the “momjjang (hot mom) syndrome” and motivated housewives across East Asia to get into shape. She had an amazing transformation with strict diet and exercise.

Jung Da-Yeon
Jung Da-Yeon before (left in white t-shirt) and after (right) her transformation. Image source: jungdayeon.com

Jung Da-Yeon was 46 years old when she became a global sensation in 2008. The South Korean mother of two was not always the fitness expert that she is today. She was 154 lbs and was not very keen on being fit.

Once Jung made fitness a part of life, she lost 44 pounds in just 3 months and became an overnight sensation. She became a popular Korean culture figure and came to be commonly referred to as “momjjang ajumma,” that translates to “auntie with a striking body” in English.

Jung Da-Yeon
Jung Da-Yeon was also portrayed in a Wii game called Wii Figureobics. Image Credit: Kotaku

Jung’s popularity spread quickly to other Asian countries as well. She became a fitness motivator and influencer in Japan. In 2004, she appeared on NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization. She also became a diet-book author, and her books went on to become bestsellers. Her second book, Momjjang Diet Premium, sold over 200,000 copies in only two weeks. She was also featured in Wii Figureobics, a fitness game released by Wii in 2010.

With her amazing transformation, she started a phenomenon known as the “momjjang syndrome” which translates to “hot mom syndrome.” (1, 2)

2 Paul Jonathan Mason once had a peak weight of 980 lbs. In 2014, he weighed 308 lbs, a total weight loss of 670 lbs. He had a further 150 lbs of loose skin removed to increase mobility.

Paul Jonathan Mason
Stages of Paul Jonathan Mason’s weight loss transformation. Image credit: PHIL PENMAN, PAUL NIXON via thesun.co.uk, TLC via gq.com

Being the former, heaviest man in the world, Paul Jonathan Mason had a hard life. He weighed 980 lbs at his peak. An Englishman, Mason was born in 1960. Being subjected to abuse in his childhood, he found a way to deal with his emotional issues was with food. When his weight kept increasing and health kept deteriorating, he turned to the National Health Service for gastric-bypass surgery.


Mason had to wait for 10 years before he received the approval for surgery. After two years of counseling, Mason underwent gastric-bypass surgery and was able to shed 650 lbs. Five years after the surgery, he weighed 159 kgs. But the excess skin that remained on his body made it difficult for him to carry out daily activities.

So, he had another surgery to remove 75-99 lbs of excess skin. This gave him better mobility and the ability to exercise. In 2014, he weighed 310 lbs with a total weight loss of 670 lbs since he first started in his journey. He had a further 49-60 lbs reduction of excess skin in 2015. As of March 2017, his weight is 280 lbs, and he is almost unrecognizable! (source)

3 A former 630-pound man named David Smith lost 400 pounds and had an amazing transformation. He went on to become a certified personal trainer through ACE!

David Smith
David Smith’s transformation. Image Credit: Mirror

David Smith grew up like any other kid – playing a lot of sports and always hanging on the swings. But when he was around seven years old, his parents noticed that something was troubling David. He seemed depressed and stopped going out of the house.

Later, David revealed that he was mistreated by the first friend he ever made. “It made me shy away from people and not trust them at all. I turned to food because it made me happy,” he later added. By 24, Davis weighed 630 pounds. The weight made him lose the hope to enjoy or even live life.

David Smith, Chris Powell
David Smith (right) with his trainer Chris Powell (left). Image Credit: ABC News

Then Chris Powell, a fitness expert, came into his life. David contacted him on Good Morning Arizona to help him in losing 400 pounds. David started a carb-cycling meal and was able to lose 40 pounds in the first month.

Next, David had to go through two surgeries to remove extra flesh from his body. After following the routine set by his trainer Powell, David lost a staggering 400 pounds and began to look completely different. He became more confident, and, in the process, he and Powell became very close friends.

David was featured in the TLC program “650-Pound Virgin.” His ability to lose 400 pounds of weight without any surgery was applauded by many. He became an ACE-certified personal trainer and was spending life with his girlfriend. But he still had some issues which made him turn to food again. He gained back some of the weight but is adamant he will lose it once more, and for good, this time. David Smith is an example of hardcore determination. He says, “Unfortunately, I fell down, but I know I can climb back up.” (1, 2)


4 Jamie Morgan used to gobble up the food meant for two to three people at one go. Her constantly increasing weight made her feel depressed all the time. Then she decided to change her life for good and lost 210 pounds. The amazing part is that she went on to take part in a figure competition!

Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan’s weight-loss transformation. Image Credit: Muscle&Fitness, HuffPost

Jamie Morgan was 368 pounds when she first decided to lose weight for a healthy life. In an interview, she recalls that in McDonald’s she would place a large order for herself on the pretext of ordering for the entire family. She would order “two double cheeseburgers, one quarter-pounder with cheese, super-sized, one nine-piece chicken McNuggets, and one order of chocolate chip cookies” with a Diet Coke. Then she would go to a corner and start eating.

A time came when Jamie completely withdrew form social gatherings. She opted out of parties, events, gatherings, and even promotions at work. And when a close friend made her realize that she might be depressed, she decided to turn her life around.

Jamie Morgan’s weight-loss transformation. Image Credit: HuffPost

She started with counseling and began educating herself about diet and exercise. Good diet and exercise soon became a part of her life. Four years later, she was able to shed 210 pounds. She left her corporate nine-to-five job behind and started her very own healthy lifestyle coaching practice. She gained so much confidence and started loving her body that she got the confidence to take part in a figure competition. (source)

5 Jordan Tirekidis, once known as Australia’s heaviest man, shocked the world with his transformation when he lost almost 440 lbs for good thanks to his strict diet, exercise, and mental regime.

Jordan Tirekidis
Jordan Tirekidis weight-loss transformation. Image Credit: News.com.au

Jordan Tirekidis shocked the world with his amazing transformation. He lost over 440 lbs with the help of hypnotherapy – that is through the medium of hypnosis. In 2012, Jordan weighed 683 lbs. His health was deteriorating and losing weight was the only resort to save his life.

He then met a motivational speaker and hypnosis guru Mark Stevens. He took a drastic step of leaving his family business and old life and going to stay at Mr. Stevens’ Little Forest health retreat. Hypnosis and meditation became a part of his daily routine to strengthen his mind. He started exercising daily. To be more accustomed to what he ate, Jordan started growing his own vegetables and learned cooking.

With his dedication and hard work, he came down from  9XL- to XL-sized clothing. He is determined to not put on any more weight in the future. He had to undergo surgery to remove excess skin and flesh and also to lift his belly button. As a result of the surgery, he received 200 stitches. He described his transformation as, “It was like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest and climbing up in thongs. I did it the hard way. Now I’m at the top, the view’s good.” (source)

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Picture 10 Incredible Weight-Loss Stories that Never Cease to Motivate People!
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