Duck Successfully Fathers A Chicken, A New Hope For Extinct Species.

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Picture Duck Successfully Fathers A Chicken, A New Hope For Extinct Species.
In the age of cross breeding and hybrids, scientists in Dubai took an extra step by making some unusual discoveries. In order to make more fertile hens, scientists in Dubai of Central Veterinary Research Laboratory injected a duck’s DNA to produce eggs and sperm into a chicken.

According to Timenewsfeed, it says: 

Researchers injected a chicken’s germ cells — carrying DNA to produce eggs and sperm — into the reproductive organs of a male duck embryo; once the duck matured, it began to produce the chicken’s sperm. Initially looking to genetically modify chicken to produce more fertile hens (the global poultry industry currently maintains some 50 billion chickens).

With the assistance of Dr. Mc Grew, a scientist at the Roslin Institute, Dubai team wishes to make chickens give birth to a variety of different bird species like songbirds and eagles. Hoping this technique could be used to breed even endangered species one day.

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Scientists are unable to give reasoning for creating new species of animals and it is thought to be a crazy and scary thought by many. One of the team member quoted:

“ I’d like to take this moment to voice that science is totally amazing/crazy/terrifying.” Animals giving birth to other species of animals is definitely terrifying.”

Such instances make you think if the knowledge and energy of our scientists should be channelized to protect deteriorating habitats rather than to create new ones. As climate change and overpopulation has led to space crunch which has crippled the chances of these existing species for survival or this is the ultimate answer to our problems ?

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Picture Duck Successfully Fathers A Chicken, A New Hope For Extinct Species.
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