“Burning Bush” which emits a flammable, oily substance which can be lit on fire.

The “burning bush” from the bible is real. It has volatile oils that catch fire in really hot weather,plant name “Dictamnus“, also known as burning bush,gas plant and Fraxinella.

burning bush
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In the summer months, the whole plant is covered with a kind of flammable substance, which is gluey to the touch, and has a very fragrant, lemony aroma; but if it takes fire, it goes off with a flash all over the plant. The name “burning bush” derives from the volatile oils produced by the plant, which can catch fire readily in hot weather, leading to comparisons with the burning bush of the Bible, including the suggestion that this is the plant involved there. The daughter of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus is said to have ignited the air once, at the end of a particularly hot, windless summer day, above Dictamnus plants, using a simple matchstick.(source: wiki)

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