Mind Blowing Facts We Found This Week pt1.

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Picture Mind Blowing Facts We Found This Week pt1.

Hello guys, i hope you are enjoying your weekend, chilling out with friends, partying, boozing or definitely getting bored of surfing Internet(going through links, status, photos). well i promise, you will not get bored by going through this post, these mind boggling facts will definitely blow up your mind, so without wasting time here we go..

Let Start With Something Big!

What if i give you 100 billion dollars? what would you do with that?

Now don’t tell me you will go for recently revealed $3.5 million Lykan Hypersport!
dude that’s a full $1.1 million more than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the current most expensive car in the world(not any more).Powered by a mid-rear positioned, twin turbocharged flat-six engine generating 750 horsepower, W Motors says the car can go from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in a neck-snapping 2.8 seconds, on the way to a top speed of 395 km/h (245 mph).

$3.5 million Lykan Hypersport!
image source

The exorbitant price tag isn’t just due to the car’s claimed performance. Sure to dazzle oncoming traffic, the LED headlights feature white gold surrounds encrusted with diamonds. And the bling doesn’t end there, with buyers able to choose to integrate rubies, emeralds or sapphires throughout the car depending on their color choice.(source)

oh wait.. you think too much!

Did i mention 100 billion zimbabwe dollars? 

Sorry guys! This is what you can get in 100 billion zimbabwe dollars.

So which Binbows do you use in your computer?

sorry i mean windows, no binbows, no wait..

Michaelsoft Binbows Is Japanese
image source

Michaelsoft Binbows Is Japanese For “Get A Cheap PC Here”– the word ‘binbo’ (貧乏)in Japanese means ‘poor’, so the bilingual pun works on a promotional level as well (to sell their ‘ultra-cheap’ computer parts as the characters on the far left signify).(Source)

i hope it’s not boring so far.. 

1 more fact i would like to tell you about Internet. 

Did You Know?
In 2002, the average user spent 46 minutes on the Internet a day – In 2012, the average user spent 4 hours on the Internet everyday.
internet gif
Mind not blown yet?
okay check this one out!
So do you like prison break? so do he..

An overweight inmate who tried to escape a Brazilian jail through a hole smashed through a prison wall had to be rescued by firemen after he got stuck halfway through.(source)

i guess its enough for this week, here is last one..
How long did it take you before you found out whats going on in here?
image source
Mind = Blown
mind blown gif
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, please comment below and must share with your friends, so that we could get more encouragement to make these kind of posts more often! and sorry for my bad english.

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Picture Mind Blowing Facts We Found This Week pt1.
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