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Britain Tested LSD On Its Soldiers In The 1960s …And Filmed It

Looks like Britain was so different from today in the 1960s. For some bizarre reason, the British army decided it was a great idea to see what LSD would do to its troops. The incredible thing about the whole test, is that they filmed it so we could have a good laugh years later. The army was apparently interested in testing LSD as a weapon that could incapacitate their enemies. Judging by the soldiers’ reaction, it would have worked perfectly.

Britain soldier on LSD, 1960s
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The drug was administered to unsuspecting British soldiers and then the squads were sent off to perform their regular duties. The video shows the soldiers attempt haplessly to complete a military exercise while they completely trip balls.

This unfortunate incident did not only happen to British soldiers. In the 1950s, the U.S Army also conducted experiments with volunteer soldiers at its Edgewood, MD arsenal.  These lasted until 1972 when soldiers were given LSD, synthetic marijuana and other psychoactive drugs with the intent of creating chemical weapons that could debilitate enemy soldiers.

It’s disturbing to think that we can test such a thing on our soldiers but it’s also amusing to watch the soldiers bumble in fits of laughter. Apparently this kind of stuff does not only happen in movies.


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