One Hour Of Watching TV Shorten Your Life By 22 mins.

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Picture One Hour Of Watching TV Shorten Your Life By 22 mins.
Well you might have heard that TV is not good for eyes, but recent research shows it also reducing your life span.

According to a report by the University of Queensland, every hour of TV watching shortens your life by 22 minutes.and also, anyone who spends 6 hours per day watching television is shortening their life by a total of 5 years.

Researchers say that watching too much TV is as dangerous as smoking or being overweight, and that the “ubiquitous sedentary behaviour” should be seen as a “public health problem”.

According to paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr J Lennert Veerman and colleagues looked at the results of a survey of 11,247 Australians taken in 1999-2000, which asked about time spent watching TV, and also mortality figures for the country.

They constructed a model in which they compared life expectancy for adults who watch TV to those who did not, and worked out that every hour spent glued to the screen shortened life by 21.8 minutes.

For those in the top 1 per cent of the population who watch six hours of programmes a day, they “can expect to live 4.8 years less than a person who does not watch TV”.
The researchers say that watching TV is among the most common forms of sedentary behaviour, along with sitting in cars.

The more time we spend watching TV, the more time we spend eating mindlessly in front of the TV, and the less time we spend being physically active,” Dr. David L. Katz, founding director of the prevention research center at Yale University School of Medicine, told Health Day.That in turn “means greater risk for obesity, and the chronic diseases it tends to anticipate, notably diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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Picture One Hour Of Watching TV Shorten Your Life By 22 mins.
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