35 Cool Animal Facts That Will Turn You Into an Animal Trivia Expert

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Discover the wonders of the animal kingdom with our list of 34 cool animal facts. From the deepest oceans to the skies above, animals possess amazing abilities and intriguing behaviors. This list is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the diverse creatures that share our planet. Get ready to be surprised and learn something new about the animal world.

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Elephant rescued 10 miles offshore, showcasing their excellent swimming abilities.

Elephant rescued 10 miles offshore

Elephants are excellent swimmers, and in 2017, one was rescued 10 miles off the Sri Lankan coast after being swept out by currents. The Sri Lankan Navy and wildlife officials conducted a 12-hour operation to bring it back to shore safely.


Naked mole rats survive without oxygen by metabolizing fructose like plants.

Naked mole rats

Naked mole rats can survive 18 minutes without oxygen by switching their metabolism from glucose to fructose, similar to plants. This adaptation helps them thrive in low-oxygen environments.

Chipmunks see in slow motion due to fast light processing.

Chipmunks see in slow motion due to fast light processing.

Chipmunks and small rodents have quick reaction times because they process light faster, allowing them to perceive the world in slow motion.


Dogs prioritize owner’s scent, seeing them as family, MRI shows.

Dogs prioritize owner's scent

MRI scans show that dogs see their owners as family and prioritize their scent above all else, highlighting a strong emotional bond.

The mandrill, from West Central Africa, is among the most colorful mammals with vibrant facial markings.

This is the mandrill, and it is one of the most colorful mammals in the world! Native to west central Africa, the mandrill has a grizzled or banded olive-brown coat with a yellow-orange beard with sparse light hair on its underside. A red line runs down the middle of the mandrill’s face and connects to its red nose, giving it a truly unique appearance.

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