Valeriepieris: A Circle Housing Majority Of The World’s Population

How many countries do we know are known for their unity in diversity? May be yours or perhaps mine. Well, keeping unity aside, let’s talk about the overwhelming diversity represented by the circle known as Valeriepieris. 

It is located at 106.6 degree East and 26.6 degree North, visible on the Winkel Tripel Projection of the Earth. This conjectural circle is difficult to go unseen because of the amazing  realities associated with it.

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The Valeriepieris circle encompasses more than half of the World’s  population within a diameter of just 4100 km. Majority of this circle is constitutes of water. 

This circle also includes Mongolia, one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.
Despite the fact that the idea about this simple imaginary circle can easily be recognized and understood even by a child, the implications are not less than Chinese arithmetic. 

“Additional things I’ve realized: There are more Muslims in the circle than outside of it. There are more Hindus in the circle than outside of it. There are more Buddhists in the circle than outside of it… The circle pulls all of this off while being mostly water and including the most sparsely populated country on earth (Mongolia).” says Valeriepieris (A very well known Redditor)

The jargons of the daily life- economy and politics are still applicable to Valeripieris circle in the same way as it is to any other country.


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