10 Random Fun Facts to Kill Your Boredom – Part 4

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Picture 10 Random Fun Facts to Kill Your Boredom – Part 4

There is a lot of dilemma in the society about whether entertainment is a need or not. Well, we say it is! No matter whether you’re silently scrolling on your bed or sneakily reading this in office hours, you’ve definitely found the right place to get rid of that boredom. Yes, we’re back with 10 random fun facts to kill your boredom, and we bet you’ve never heard of these. Part 1 | Part 2Part 3

1 Goats have rectangular pupils that allow them to see 320 degrees around their head!

goat eyes
Image source: www.njwight.com

Most prey animals are equipped with certain body parts that allow them to keep away from danger. The same is with goats. Nature has blessed goats with horizontally rectangular pupils which give goats a panoramic view to see any movement almost all around them. These pupils also give them a sufficiently clear view that ensures clarity in the roughest terrains and highest of speeds. Not to mention, the light colored irises makes them look alien-like. Freaky, isn’t it?(source

2 Mantis shrimps have sixteen color-receptive cones in their eyes whereas Humans only have three.

Mantis shrimps are a species of marine crustaceans famous for their elaborate eyes. These eyes carry out a lot of weird functions but what’s the most fun about these pair of eyes are that they hold 16 types of color-receptive cones whereas humans only have 3. These cones’ main purpose is to detect colors. This means that the Mantis shrimps can see millions of colors that our brain isn’t even capable of processing. I think that officially makes the mantis shrimp my favorite animal.(source)


3 The brain of a squid is in the shape of a doughnut, with their food pipe going through the hole. Therefore, eating big bites can cause brain damage.

Image Source: safari-zone.wikia.com

There are thousands of kinds of squids in the world, but the one which is the largest known squid in terms of mass on earth is the colossal squid. The colossal squid has a brain in the shape of a doughnut with its esophagus running through the hole in the center. This hole isn’t very large, and so this weird anatomy has a side effect. If the squid doesn’t tear up its food into small bites before swallowing, it could injure the brain and suffer brain damage. Good thing humans don’t have that, or we’d all be going around with brain damage!(source)

4 Ouija boards work by using the ideomotor effect which is a type of hypnosis.

When you’re playing with an Ouija board, basically, you ask “is anyone there”, and you expect it to go towards yes. So does everyone else who is playing the game. Thus, all your tiny muscular movements start to combine with everyone else’s, and it moves. Once it starts to move a little, your brain reinforces the idea, and the effect is stronger. The word ‘Ideomotor’ comes from two words, ‘idea’ and ‘motor’ which combines to mean ‘motion using ideas’.(source)


5 Dodgeball was originally played in Africa over two hundred years ago. However, unlike today’s fun and jocular version of the game, it was, in fact, a deadly game.

Image Source: www.byui.edu

Over 20 decades ago, dodgeball was played in Africa in a very ruthless manner. Instead of using soft rubber balls that we use today, tribal men used large rocks or putrefied matter to play it with. The rocks were used to hurt, injure, or disable men from the other tribe. Finally, when a player was hit, tribesmen of the opponent tribe would try to finish him off by hitting more rocks while the tribesmen of his own tribe would try to protect him and counterattack with rocks. Therefore, it was kind of a fun war game which ended disastrously.(source)

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Picture 10 Random Fun Facts to Kill Your Boredom – Part 4
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