Dead man sitting in chair attends his own funeral dressed casually holding his cigarette

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Picture Dead man sitting in chair attends his own funeral dressed casually holding his cigarette

A Puerto Rican Fernando de Jezus  Dias Beato aged 26 who was shot dead in front of his home is laid to rest dressed in his favoured clothing ,holding a cigarette and seated on his favorite chair with his eyes open.

The Puerto Rican who was  regarded to be a happy-go-lucky individual who enjoyed life was shot repeatedly by unknown assailants.

Diaz Beato at his service

Fernando de Jezuz Diaz Beato was a victim of a senseless killing.  The “Happy and active” person was shot 15 times by unknown person on March 3. The police who are investigating  confess to having not found any clue or reasons for the murder.

The shocked family who wanted to honor the spirit of Diaz Beato did not want a proper funeral service and opted for a service that showed him alive and enjoying as he did in his life.

Diaz sitting on chair
diaz beato holding cigarette
Diaz beato eyes open

The grieving family could not reconcile to see the lifeless body of Diaz Beato attired in formal wear resting within a coffin box. They decided to have an unconventional burial that reflected his personality.

They opted for an unconventional funeral service. Replacing the narrow coffin box was a chair, The family seated him on the chair wearing his favorite dress, an eyewear perched on the bridge of his nose  and holding a cigarette in his hand. They crossed his legs replicating his relaxed attitude when alive.

The funeral home known for its unconventional funeral services surprises the family by keeping Diaz Beat’s eyes open.


The family who  wanted  to remember their beloved  and dressed him as he was in real life were surprised by the funeral home who kept the eyes open accentuating the effect of “liveliness” of Diaz Beato.

diaz beato friends and family
diaz staring at friends & family

Ihizz Beato, one of the sister’s of Diaz Beato  says that they wanted an embalming that mirrored his personality and they wanted to remember him as the active and happy person that he was.

Another sister said they were surprised to see their brother with eyes open and felt as if they were seeing him alive.

The final effect was as if Diaz Beato was sitting on the chair, relaxing with a cigarette and casually looking at his friends and family (who had come for the funeral service).

Marin Funeral Home is a trendsetter of unconventional service but this is the first time where the eyes of the departed man have been kept open.

Marin funeral home

Damaris Marin, owner of trend-setting  Marin Funeral Home located in Rio Piedras, San Juan is known to offer such unorthodox services. As a matter of fact, they are considered to be the pioneers of unusual funeral services.

Marin who has done 9 unconventional funeral service says this was the first time they had left the eyes of the deceased open. The funeral Parlor worked closely with the Beato’s to achieve the natural effect.

The overwhelmed family are happy that Diaz Beato ‘s personality  was retained and allowed them to remember him as he was when alive.

diazo murdered

The family who did not want the lifeless inert body of their beloved as the last memory and wanted something different to remember him by  were shocked to see Diaz Beato  sitting and looking animated. They said the departed loved to sit on his wooden chair in his dining room and smoke just the way he was seated during the service. They were happy that Diaz Beato was laid to rest looking alert and happy.


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Picture Dead man sitting in chair attends his own funeral dressed casually holding his cigarette
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