Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog from Portugal! 

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Picture Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog from Portugal! 

Bobi, a 30-year-old purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo from Leiria, Portugal, has been officially declared “The World’s Oldest Living Dog” in February 2023 by Guinness World Records (GWR). He currently lives in the rural village of Conqueiros with the kind and loving Costa family.

Bobi, born in 1992, was registered with the Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria. His age was verified by GWR and confirmed by Sistema de Informação de Animais de Companhia (SIAC), a Portuguese government-authorized database for pets, which is managed by the country’s national union of veterinarians.

Bobi has shattered not one but two world records at a time!

Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog Is 30
The world’s oldest dog, Bobi, has reached the age of 30. Image credit: Inside Edition/Youtube

When Bobi was recognized as the “World’s Oldest Dog,” the GWR officials realized that Bobi had not just shattered one but two world records of his predecessors. He is not only the “World’s Oldest Living Dog” but also the “World’s Oldest Dog” ever!

Spike, a 24-year-old chihuahua from Camden, Ohio, was announced as the “World’s Oldest Living Dog” in December 2022. In a very short span of time, GWR received evidence of Bobi, making him the new record-holder of the title.

Before Bobi, the titleholder of the “World’s Oldest Dog” was Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog. Bluey lived in Victoria his whole life. Born in 1910, Bluey was a little over 29 years old when he passed away. Bobi shattered this century-old record to become the world’s oldest dog ever in February 2023!


Bobi’s near-death experience during infancy!

Bobi dog
Image credit: Inside Edition/Youtube

Leonel Costa, the 38-year-old proud owner of Bobi, narrates the incredible story of how his loyal pet survived a near-death experience right at his birth!

Leonel’s father was a hunter, and they had many dogs at home. When Leonel was eight years old, one of the dogs, Gira, gave birth to four male pups in an outbuilding where the Costa family stored wood. Since the Costa family already owned many animals, Leonel’s father decided they wouldn’t keep the newborn puppies. Those days, there was an unfortunate practice of burying newborn animals in a hole in case people didn’t want to have more animals at home.

A day after the puppies were born, Leonel’s parents quickly took the pups away while the mother dog was absent from the scene. However, in their haste, they didn’t realize that they had left one pup behind!


Bobi’s second chance to live.

Bobi looking old
Image credit: Inside Edition/Youtube

Leonel and his brothers, being ardent animal lovers, were devastated when they saw the pups being taken away forcefully. They felt very bad for Gira. However, they noticed that Gira continued to visit the outbuilding where the puppies were born, even after their parents took away the newborn pups. They wondered why she would go there even though no puppies were in the building!

During one of her trips, Leonel and his brothers quietly followed her, and to their delight, they discovered Bobi, who had somehow escaped from the sight of their parents. Thrilled at seeing the cute puppy, the brothers decided to keep mum about his existence to their parents and protect him until he opened his eyes.

Newborn puppies are born with their eyes closed. They open their eyes only after their central nervous system develops and their eyes are fully formed. This process usually takes a week or two. As per the practice during those days, once the animal opens its eyes, it won’t be buried.


As planned, the brothers successfully hid Bobi from their parents. When Leonel’s dad and mum finally discovered him, Bobi’s eyes were already wide open!

Leonel fondly recalls being just an eight-year-old boy when Bobi became a part of his family. Even though his parents screamed and punished him and his brothers for hiding the puppy, he smiles and says all the trouble was worth it to save his loving pet.

So, from going through a near-death experience right at birth to being declared the world’s oldest dog ever, Bobi’s story is truly a miraculous one.

The secret behind Bobi’s longevity.

bobi resting
Image credit: Inside Edition/Youtube

Bobi belongs to a breed of livestock guardian dog whose average life expectancy is between 12 and 14 years. However, Bobi has lived nearly double the age of the expected lifespan!


While discussing the reason for Bobi’s longevity, Leonel said that his mother had a major role to play. Leonel also thinks that the calm, peaceful environment where they live, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, could be one of the important factors for Bobi’s long lifespan.

Throughout his life, Bobi has enjoyed a lot of freedom that the other pets usually don’t get. For example, he was allowed to roam freely around the forests and farmland surrounding their house. Surprisingly, the Costa family has never chained Bobi or attached a leash! Consequently, Bobi is very sociable as he grew up with other animals.

How active is Bobi at this age?

However, Bobi’s activity has decreased significantly due to his old age. He is less adventurous than in his younger days, as he finds it difficult to walk. Since his eyesight has worsened, too, he keeps colliding with obstacles, which makes him frustrated. He prefers to rest after meals or relax by the fire when the weather is cold. He also enjoys spending time with his four feline friends in the backyard.


Bobi always preferred “human food” that the Costa family ate instead of canned animal food. Leonel says he always soaks food in water to remove most of the seasoning before serving it to his pet. As a result of his diet and active lifestyle, Bobi enjoyed a healthy life. He had never faced serious health issues until 2018, when he was hospitalized due to breathing difficulty. Thankfully, he survived this difficult period with proper veterinarian care and the unconditional love of the Costa family.

To ensure Bobi is well cared for in his old age, Leonel regularly takes him to the vet for routine health checkups. Leonel claims they have had many pets that have lasted several years beyond their expected lifespan, but Bobi was a unique dog that survived the longest. However, he never thought his animal friend would be the world’s oldest dog ever!

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Picture Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog from Portugal! 
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