20 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Scream Movies

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11 The party scene towards the end of the Scream movie is 42 minutes long but it took 21 nights to shoot. 

Scream 42 minutes
Image credit: Dimension Films

On the film set, the party scene was known as Scene 118. The cast had to work all night long for 21 nights from the sunset to the time it rose. 

After the scene was filmed successfully, the crew had t-shirts reading “I SURVIVED SCENE 118.” The entire team jokingly called it “the longest night in the horror history.” (source)

12 The star of The Exorcist, Linda Blair, has a quick cameo in Scream. She appeared as one of the news reporters outside the school and is wearing a bright orange blouse. She is also the reporter who confronts Sidney in Dewey’s police car. 

Linda Blair
Image credit: Dimension Films

Blair found her fame in the horror hit The Exorcist and later starred in multiple movies in the same genre. 

The actress appears as a reporter at the 40-minute mark in the movie for a very short time. As Dewey pushes her away, she yells, “The people wanna know; they have a right to know!” 

Blair’s reporter role in the film is uncredited. (source)


13 In the credits section of Scream, the director Wes Craven added “No Thanks Whatsoever to The Santa Rosa City School District Board.” This is because they withdrew the agreement to allow Craven to film Scream there and he had to search for a new shooting location at the last minute. 

Image credit: Dimension Films

The Santa Rosa High School is featured in multiple movies and was a perfect setting for Scream. The crew of the film initially had a verbal agreement from the principal of the school to carry out shooting there. 

However, the city representatives claimed that the crew hadn’t filed the proper paperwork. After this, the production clashed with the school’s final exams and the locals weren’t happy by a slasher being filled in Santa Rosa High. 

At the last minute, the production shifted to a former school, Sonoma Community Center. Rumors are that unhappy Craven even called out for boycotting Santa Rosa High and Sonoma County. (source)

14 The directors of the new Scream movie, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, were big fans of Scream sequels long before they were chosen as the directors of this film. Both of them mentioned that Wes Craven and Scream were the reasons they started making horror movies. 

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett
Image credit: variety.com

Directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and producer Chad Villella, are collectively known as “Radio Silence.” The “Radio Silence” is a big fan of Scream movies and the director Wes Craven.

The trio was a perfect fit for the new Scream’s production. They mentioned it was nothing less than working on a dream project. (source)


15 In the original Scream film, Sidney uses an online 911 emergency system to seek help. However, the scene was meant to show her typing her address, 34 Elm Street, but that was discarded.

Image credit: Dimension Films

In the movie, Elm Street in Woodsboro is seen which is also the street where Sidney grew up. The “Elm Street” is a reference to Wes Craven’s former hit, A Nightmare on Elm Street. (source)

16 In Scream 2, the Omega Beta Zeta sorority house is the same that was used in Matilda as Miss Trunchbull’s mansion.

Omega Beta Zeta
Image credits: Dimension Films, Jersey Films

The Victorian-style residence in Altadena, Los Angeles was established in 1882. It is known as the Crank House or Fair Oaks Ranch. In 1997, the house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places for its association with the early settlement of Altadena. 

The place is notably featured in several films other than Scream 2. In Hocus Pocus, it is used as Allison’s house interior shots and as Roger Strong’s house in Catch Me If You Can. (1, 2)


17 Matthew Lillard has a cameo in Scream 2.

Matthew Lillard
Image credit: Dimension Films

Lillard played Stuart in the first Scream released in 1996 and was killed in the film. However, the actor has an easy-to-miss cameo in the second sequel, Scream 2

At the 35th minute of the movie, Lillard appears in the background at the frat party. (source)

18 Principle Himbry who is murdered in Scream 1 has a memorial bust in Scream 4.

Henry Winkler
Image credit: Dimension Films
Henry Winkler
Image credit: Dimension Films

The role of the school principal was played by Winkler in the first Scream film in 1996. In the fourth part of the series, at around eight minutes, a bust of him could be seen briefly in the hallway. (source)


19 Neve Campbell, the protagonist of Scream, was initially hesitant to rejoin the franchise for the new Scream movie because it didn’t feature Wes Craven as the director. So the new directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, sent her a letter where they wrote how much Craven and his movies meant to them as filmmakers. This changed Campbell’s mind.

Neve Campbell
Image credit: Dimension Films

The legendary horror director Craven passed away in 2015 and the new Scream was to be directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Other co-stars were quick to sign for the new film, but Campbell was hesitant without Craven.

She mentioned the letter received from the new directors was beautiful. They convinced her that they’d made sure to treat Craven’s legacy with respect. Although, the involvement of Campbell in the movie is a mystery. (source)

20 YouTubers James A. Janisse and his fiance Chelsea are featured in the new Scream movie.

YouTubers James A. Janisse
Image credit: Dimension Films

The entertainers James A. Janisse and his fiance Chelsea are in the new film as YouTubers in their podcast studio and they’re critiquing Stab’s latest eighth installment. 

They have a channel called Dead Meat, and it keeps kill counts of horror and horror adjacent films one of which is, of course, the Scream series. (source)

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