10 Amazing Specialized Machines You Should See

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Picture 10 Amazing Specialized Machines You Should See

Specialized machines are equipment that can do specific tasks that their regular counterparts are not capable of doing. Such machinery is equipped with special features such as the ability to perform better and faster than conventional equipment. Specialized machines have become an indispensable component of mining, construction, and utility projects from all over the world. They have given a new dimension to these projects by taking their performance several notches up. We have compiled a list of some specialized machines belonging to certain niches that you should see. Just have a look!

1 SMB Bridge Paver for Parabolic-shaped, Banked Curves

A special kind of bridge pavers from SMB Construction International GmbH (SMB) are used for the construction of parabolic-shaped, banked curves. These pavers equipped with precisely controlled rollers help carry out accurate compaction of inclined and parabolic road surfaces.

SMB Bridge Paver for Parabolic-shaped, Banked Curves
SMB Bridge Paver for Parabolic-shaped, Banked Curves. Image credit: smb-ci.com

Several road tracks have banked curves or arches designed in the shape of a parabola. For the construction of such parabolic-shaped, banked curves, a unique kind of bridge paver is used. One such company that provides these bridge pavers is SMB Construction International GmbH (SMB). The accurate, high-quality laying of curved road surfaces is achieved by their bridge paver’s precisely controlled rollers. These rollers supported with electrical hydraulic cable winches deliver a powerful force to handle demanding construction tasks. 

Highly precise sensors fitted in the steep curve paver detect and scan the reference rails adjoining the paver chassis. After successful scanning from all sides, the sensors transfer this data to the centralized computing system. This allows the hydraulic systems of the equipment to move the paver chassis precisely and screed to the right positions. 

The bridge paver is fed through a side-mounted storage tank which is filled via an excavator or a refilling machine. Screw conveyor feeders carry the material to the paving screed and ensure even distribution over the entire width. (Source)


2 Dutchman’s Curved-Blade 100” Truck Mount

The Curved-Blade 100” Truck Mount from Dutchman Industries is ideal to dig up to 12–inch trees. Its unique “cold-formed” blades combined with incredible lift-mast lock ensures great digging power.

Dutchman's Curved-Blade 100" Truck Mount
Dutchman’s Curved-Blade 100″ Truck Mount. Image credit: dutchmantruckspade.com

Dutchman’s Curved-Blade 100” Truck Mount is used in the transplanting of large trees where manual transplanting is extremely laborious and time-consuming. Designed to dig up to 12” inches, this tree spade is one of the most specialized machines in the world of tree transplantation. The tree spade is mounted on the back of a truck that comes with 20,000 fronts and 46,000 rears. It is equipped with special “cold-form” blades that encircle the trees, dig into the ground, and then lift the trees off the ground. Then the rooted trees are taken to the designed area for transplanting or replanting. 

Dutchman's Curved-Blade 100" Truck Mount
Dutchman’s Curved-Blade 100″ Truck Mount. Image credit: dutchmantruckspade.com

The Curved–Blade 100” Truck Mount comes with a digging apparatus that uses hydraulic cylinders to push the digging blades into the soil. These cylinders connect to the blades and a circular frame. The circular frame of the equipment offers plenty of room to accommodate wide trees.

The frame also has a hydraulic locking mechanism so that it can’t open when pushing the digging blades into the ground. There is a “locking lift mast” that eliminates spade movement and makes transportation comfortable and safer. The tree spade also comes with scraper plates to keep the soil from sticking. (1, 2, 3, 4)


3 Ligchine SCREEDSAVER ELITE Laser-Guided 3D Concrete Screed

Ligchine Screedsaver Elite 3D Concrete Screed machine featuring a 12-foot side-shift screed head and a large broom can screed concrete floors like a pro. The 3D model offers screed coverage of 216 square feet/pass, thus ensuring high-volume production and optimized job site performance.

Ligchine SCREEDSAVER ELITE Laser-Guided 3D Concrete Screed
Ligchine SCREEDSAVER ELITE Laser-Guided 3D Concrete Screed. Image credit: forconstructionpros.com

Screedsaver Elite 3D Concrete Screed machine from Ligchine is a novel, laser-guided model among an exclusive line of specialized machines. The screed machine with a 12-foot side-shift head screeds around the greatest obstacles. It features heavy-duty boom sections that reach out to 18 feet. The specialized head and broom combo offer an increased finished square footage per pass, which is 216 square feet/pass. 

The 3D concrete screed machine also has a laser-controlled 3D screeding system that ensures precision accuracy and high volume production for 3D contour concrete placement.

With a length of 14 feet and 6 inches and a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, the Elite model has a narrow chassis design for better navigation. Its all-wheel-drive allows for enhanced screed movement from the job site to the placement area. There are also better controls for more tunability and screed accuracy. (1, 2, 3, 4)


4 Kraft Training Gerat, aka Javelin Throw Strength-Training Machine

Kraft Training Gerat or “KTG” is a  special strength-building German equipment for elite javelin throwers to develop their strength and speed. The device sled loads weights with 22 pounds for a maximum weight of 30.42 pounds. 

A machine named Kraft Training Gerat (KTG) is a German strength-training device that helps javelin throwers boost their strength and speed. The equipment used by Johannes Vetter, Germany’s 2017 World Championships gold medallist, also allows athletes to have the perfect throw with less risk of injury. 

The specialized strength-training device has a handheld sled weighing 8.36 pounds attached to an inclined beam which takes weights up to 30.42 pounds. Athletes can fling the sled to mimic the javelin-throwing action. The machine then displays the exact velocity of the throw along with the trajectory in real-time. (1, 2)


5 Red Dragon® Row Crop Flamers

The four-row flamer Red Dragon® Row Crop Flamers is used in propane-fueled flame weeding to kill weeds without herbicides or pesticides. 

Red Dragon Row Crop Flamers
Red Dragon Row Crop Flamers. Image credit: flameengineering.com

Red Dragon® Row Crop Flamers is one of the limited but most specialized machines used in the field of traditional and organic farming. It comes with a propane supply tank that shoots flames of temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit at the targeted weeds. The hotter temperatures make the water in the weeds boil and breaks their cell walls. As a result, the plant loses all its moisture and eventually dies. 

The equipment includes mounting brackets for toolbar legs, hoses, fuel strainer, burners, master shut–off switch, valve protector, and a torch kit. It works on propane that is non-toxic, non-contaminating, and clean-burning. This allows organic producers and traditional farmers to handle weeds without any pesticide or herbicide. The propane-fueled flamer is cost-effective and works best on a wide range of crops, such as carrots, corn, milo, and lettuce. (1, 2, 3)

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Picture 10 Amazing Specialized Machines You Should See
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