10 Eccentric Places People Went for YouTube

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6 The hosts of a YouTube channel named “Yes Theory,” Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, and Matt Dajer, went to the most dangerous road in the world, the “Death Road.” This road in Bolivia is famous among thrill-seekers for its treacherous path. They show how they managed to ride in a car over the risky path where 300 people die every year.
Death Road
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Thrill-seekers or adrenaline junkies enjoy going to the places where their death is most likely certain. One such place is the “Death Road” in Bolivia. It’s a 43-mile up-and-down road with cliffs that drop 2,000 feet (610 meters) at every turn.

The road is three meters wide and is perilous due to landslides, fogs, and cascades. It’s the real “Death Road” for over 300 people every year, but that was back in 1994. The road is considered much safer nowadays, but the question is, “How safe is it really??

The hosts of the YouTube channel, “Yes Theory,” Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, and Matt Dajerr risked their lives on their trip to Bolivia to explore this dangerous Death Road. They booked a vehicle that took them over the Death Rode. During their ride, they shot breathtaking views of the road and were thankful at least for the survival of their journey on Death Road. (Source)


7 Anton Lyadov, a Russian YouTuber, visited North Korea, one of the most dangerous countries in the world. He shares how risky and strict life is there, and how the country is dominated by its president. Despite the restriction to film in North Korea, he risked it all and filmed everything illegally.

North Korea, the least-imaginable tourist destination. Going into this country, one should be free of all references to the US. A Russian YouTuber, Anton Lyadov explored North Korea and shared his experience in his videos. He shares how every gadget must be registered with the police, and it’s illegal to film in North Korea.

The general public is dominated by their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, and the newspapers are all about overpraising their leader. People get punished for removing ideological slogans from their house walls. Anton showcases the living conditions of North Korea and the difficulties you might face while traveling there. Irrespective of restrictions in North Korea regarding filming, Anton risked it all and filmed everything illegally. (Source)


8 Rocco Castoro and Jackson Fager, editor, and producer of “VICE,” explored the deadliest island in the world, “Snake Island,” in Brazil. They said this island was like another world and weren’t even sure that they would get out alive. Researchers estimate there are five snakes per square meter and everywhere is a mound of deadly snakes whose poison can melt the flesh of the human body.

Snakes are the most dangerous and creepiest species in the world. We are afraid when we see even one snake in our area, but what would happen if you got to visit a whole island of snakes? Let’s ask the editor and producer of the YouTube channel “VICE,” Rocco Castoro and Jackson Fager. These two explored “Snake Island” in Brazil for a documentary.

This island is located about 90 miles off the São Paulo coast. Its real name is Ilha da Queimada Grande. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, but no one dares to go there, and it’s untouched by human developers, for sure.

Researchers say that you might find five snakes per square meter, and it is a hub of 2,000 and 4,000 golden lancehead vipers, the deadliest snakes on Earth. These snakes can take the life out of humans in less than an hour, and their poison can melt the flesh of the human body.

When Castoro and Fager visited Snake Island, they weren’t even sure that they would live to see another day and called this island “another world.” (Source)


9 Alex Outhwaite, a British travel vlogger, explored the country with the highest murder rate in Latin America – El Salvador. It’s one of the least-visited countries due to its negative image caused by its violent crime, political corruption, and street gangs. She painted El Salvador positively by showcasing the people, food, and daily life there.

Having the highest crime rate in a country doesn’t make it a suitable destination to travel to and especially not for women. However, a brave British travel vlogger, Alex Outhwaite, explored the world’s most dangerous country with the highest murder rate – El Salvador in Latin America. According to the 2021 ranking, El Salvador is ranked the most dangerous country in the world with a startling rate of 83 murders per every 100,000 inhabitants.

The nation is plagued with tragic and violent crimes, political corruption, and street gangs. However, if you watch Alex’s video, you would think she is wandering a normal country with peaceful streets. She painted El Salvador in a positive manner, where she was seen wandering streets, eating local food, exploring the capital, and she even watched a Nirvana tribute band in an Irish pub. (Source)


10 Jordan Simons, a travel vlogger, famously known as “The life of Jord,” traveled to the “Land of Death,” the Danakil Desert in Eritrea. With baking temperatures that often top 120° F and numerous volcanoes and geysers that expel toxic gases, it is one of the hottest and most dangerous places on Earth.

Gateway to Hell
Gateway to Hell

When a place is called “Land of Death” or “Gateway to Hell,” then people should believe it and stay away from such places, but that’s not the same case for brave adventure enthusiasts who seek trouble.

These popular nicknames are given to “The Danakil Desert” in Eritrea, it’s the hottest and dangerous place on Earth. With baking temperatures that often exceed 120° F (50° C) and several volcanoes and geysers that expel toxic gases, it is the most inhospitable place to travel.

However, you can’t keep these places away from travel geeks. A travel vlogger, Jordan Simons with a YouTube channel named “The life of Jord,” explored this alien-like desert on Earth and shared his unforgettable experience with viewers. He shows the breathtaking shots of the Danakil Desert which look like they were taken straight out of a science-fiction movie. (Source)

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