10 of the Most Famous Unsolved Crimes From Around the World

by Rishika Jain3 years ago
Picture 10 of the Most Famous Unsolved Crimes From Around the World

Murders always brought horror and mysterious attention to common people. When we talk about unsolved murder cases, our subconscious mind always wanted to know the killer behind this murder and the unknown story behind it. These murders were not only brutal but also shocked police and investigators for decades. Even after the extensive investigation, these murders remain unsolved. Let’s take a look at the 10 of the most famous unsolved crimes from around the world. 

1 In 2007, severed human feet washed up on the shores of British Columbia and Washington. Since then, around 15 severed human feet kept washing up on the shores. Nobody knows whom they belong to, but police insist there’s nothing weird about this spooky case.

Human feet on shores of British Columbia
Image used for representational purposes only.

Around 15 severed human feet have washed up on the shores of British Columbia and Washington since 2007. The most recent one was found on Botanical Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island in September 2017. Ten of those human feet were connected to missing people, but the rest of them remain a mystery.

Authorities from British Columbia, Canada believe that missing feet is not a cause for panic. Investigators believe that there is a possibility of accidents and suicides due to the heavy population in that area. As the body decomposes in the water quickly.

Eventually, the body breaks down and the feet remain inside the shoe due to the foam in the shoe’s sole. Thus, the feet flow along with the shoe and end up on the shore. (source)

2 The scariest serial killer named “Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run” killed and dismembered 12 people in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States in the 1930s. He was never caught, he is also known as the “Cleveland Torso Murderer.”

Cleveland Torso Murderer
(Right) Detectives search for remains of victims, (Left) Victim Edward Andrassy. Image Credit: Case.edu, Cleveland.com

The “Cleveland Torso Murderer” was the scariest unidentified serial killer known for his brutal killings. He is also known as the “Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run.” He killed 12 people, some people say 13, from 1935 to 1938. He dismembered their bodies and dumped their remains in the penurious neighborhood of Kingsbury Run.

Most of the bodies were found without heads or limbs, and sometimes their body parts were found in other places. The victims involved seven men and five women. Most of them were from the lower class, prostitutes, and hobos. These people were easy prey in the great depression era of Cleveland.

Most of the victims were beheaded and dismembered. Male victims were castrated, and chemical treatment was applied to the victim’s body. The case was investigated by famed lawman Eliot Ness, then Cleveland’s Public Safety Director, but the killer was never captured. It was the most horrifying crime spree in Cleveland’s history which fascinated Clevelanders. (source)


3 A popular serial killer named “The Monster of Florence” killed seven couples between 1974 and 1985. The couples were murdered while making love in the parked cars in the hills of Florence, Italy. Who was the killer? Nobody knows and the case was never solved.

The Monster of Florence
Image Credit: Sienanews. it, Pixabay.com

The Italian “Il Mostro di Firenze,” an Italian serial killer also known as “The Monster of Florence,” killed seven couples, that means 14 people in all, between 1974 and 1985. These couples were murdered in the Florence hills while making love.

In 1974, the killer murdered a couple in the Florence hills and disfigured the female victim’s body. In 1981, two other couples were murdered similarly. From 1981 to 1984, four other couples were murdered in the same way. People were horrified by the gruesome killings. In 1985, killings stopped.

This murder case was the longest and most expensive criminal investigation case in Italian history, but the case was never solved. Around 100,000 men were investigated in this case and more than a dozen people got arrested.

Lives were ruined by false accusations and rumors. New judges, police, and prosecutors were hired and more arrests, accusations, and suspects have been found, but so far, there have been no results. (source)

4 An American serial killer named “The Zodiac Killer” terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California. He was active in the late 1960s to early 1970s. The unknown criminal’s name was taken from the series of cards and taunting letters sent to the press of the San Francisco Bay area. With at least four murders to his name, he had claimed to have killed 37 people. This extremely popular serial killer has still not been caught after all these years, but his case remains open.

Zodiac Killer
Image Credit: San Francisco Police Department/NYDailyNews via Wikipedia.org, The Zodiac Killer / Wikipedia.org

The Zodiac Killer was one of the most gruesome serial killers in the history of the United States. His horror-filled acts were committed back in the late 1960s and early 1970s in the San Francisco Bay area in northern California. Four of his murders are confirmed, but he also claims to have killed 37 victims. However, two victims survived the Zodiac Killer’s heinous act to kill them.

His name is also involved in some cold cases. The Zodiac Killer reportedly sent several cards, letters, and taunting phone calls to the press, and to the Vallejo, California police. His letters consisted of coded messages, ciphers, goading, and his signature of a circle with two perpendicular lines over it.

His victims were young couples and a cab driver. The most haunting thing is he never got caught and the case never got solved. The Zodiac Killer case is still open in the city of Vallejo. (source)


5 Jack the Ripper was an unknown serial killer who terrorized the women of the Whitechapel district of London. He was active in 1888. The murderer was also named the “Whitechapel Murderer ” and “Leather Apron” in the criminal case files and journalistic accounts. Jack the Ripper is still studied today in attempts to solve the mysterious crimes. These studies are called “Ripperology.”

Jack the Ripper
(Right) Image for representational purpose only, (Left) Frances Coles, one of the murder victims. Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

Jack the Ripper was an unidentified serial killer who was active in the penurious district of London, Whitechapel, in 1888. He was also popularly known as the “Whitechapel Murderer” and “Leather Apron” in both criminal case files and contemporary journalistic accounts. Jack the Ripper typically targeted women who were prostitutes that lived and worked in the slums of the East End of London.

He cut the throats of female prostitutes and removed their internal organs. Due to his style of killing, it was assumed that the killer had some anatomical or surgical knowledge. Media outlets received numerous letters claiming to be the murderer, but most of them were hoaxes. The killer is named “Jack the Ripper” because of the intense brutal nature of the murders. The murders were never solved and the killer never got caught. (source)

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Picture 10 of the Most Famous Unsolved Crimes From Around the World
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