10 Seemingly Normal Images with Disturbing Backstories

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6 Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, two Dutch girls traveling to Panama, never returned. Their backpacks and body fragments were found weeks later in a mountain valley. The camera in the backpack had several photos of them happily hiking and one mysteriously deleted photo. Photos from later that night were randomly framed with only hints that they were behind the camera except for photos of their hair and the back of their heads. Where are they and how did their belongings get there? All these are still a mystery. 

Essa Ricker and Kelsea Webster
Essa Ricker and Kelsea Webster. Image credits: up.com

The two girls saved up for six months to go on a trip to Panama as a graduating gift for Froon. They arrived on their spot on 15 March 2014. Froon and Kremers lived with a local family and planned to do volunteer work for children.

They went hiking near the Baru Volcano on 1 April and never returned. Once authorities got the information that they were missing, search parties were started. 

About ten weeks later, one backpack was found near a lake that had their clothing, Froon’s passport, and both their phones. They checked the phone and found that they called the distress number several times but couldn’t get through it.

The camera had several normal photos and many photos of vague things in the deep jungle and the back of one of their heads.

The locals found pelvic bones and a foot inside a shoe, and several other bones two months later. The DNA test came back positive for the bones belonging to Froon and Kremers.

It is still to this day unknown as to what happened to them and the photos make it very disturbing as nobody can make anything out of it. (source)


7 A picture of “Genie” doing tests. Genie was a “feral” child. She was not raised by wolves but was feral because of abuse. Genie spent almost all her childhood tied to a chair and was punished for making noise. She was later rescued and attempts were made to teach her to speak. 

Genie the feral child
Image credits: Theguardian.com

Genie was raised by an abusive father. He didn’t want children. He tied her to a chair for most of her childhood and silenced her whenever she made a noise. One day his wife accidentally walked into one of the child welfare offices and every detail came out.

Genie had no idea how to communicate except for a bunch of words, she didn’t show any human behavior as she wasn’t in contact with any human other than her father and brother for 13 years and had a very low attention span. 

The girl in this normal photo was in state-run institutions. Linguists experts did studies on her and carried out tests on how humans can live without communicating. Many found this as exploiting the kid. The state later hid her with a different identity so that nobody could approach her with more research. (source)

8 This is a man who swam to his girlfriend in their underwater hotel room while on vacation in Tanzania, and proposed to her with a note and a ring. He died before he could resurface from the water.

A normal photo intended to go viral for a cute proposal turned into a tragedy. Steven Webber and his girlfriend were vacationing in East Africa in an underwater restaurant when Webber decided to pop the question.

He proposed 30 feet underwater holding a note and a ring. After a few seconds, he swam away and drowned. He never resurfaced. (source)


9 This is the final picture of the Webster sisters and their friends. Taking a selfie, they all look so carefree and then you see the bright light behind them and just want to yell at them to get out of the way of the train. 

Webster sisters and their friends
Image credits: UP.com

A chilling selfie of three young girls with the train’s light on the top of the photograph made authorities rethink several rules on people taking pictures on train tracks. This normal photo turned tragic as the three sisters got hit by the train three seconds after taking the picture. Two died on spot and one died in hospital later. 

For a vehicle traveling over 100km/h, people think it is easy to notice, but studies show that you cannot hear the train or a camera will not pick it up until it is too late. These accidents were an eye-opener to start giving people criminal charges who used the train track for aesthetic pictures. (source)


10 The Lawson Family Portrait always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This murder ballad, remembered by many, tells the tale of an unfortunate family. Dressed in their best, this picture was clicked during the holidays. Little did anyone knew that the father would kill most of the family days later. 

Lawson family
The haunting family portrait of the Lawsons, clockwise from top left, Arthur, 16, Marie, 17, Charles, 43, Fannie, 37, holding baby Mary Lou, Carrie, 12, Raymond, 2, Maybell, 7, James, 4. Image credits: Murderpedia.org

Even though the picture looks like a normal photo to most, the story behind it is pretty tragic.

The father, Charles Dave, takes the life of his wife and six of his seven children a few days after this picture. He took his family on a Christmas shopping spree to make him look like a well-settled farmer. 

On the afternoon of the 25th of December, when the family was engaged in their usual activities, he shot both his daughters and made sure they were dead by bludgeoning them.

He hid their bodies in the barn and then shot his wife who was sitting on the porch. He killed everybody else and then shot himself, only leaving alive his 16-year-old son who wasn’t home at the moment. (source)

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