Did Hitler Live on Until 95 With His Brazilian Lover in South America? Yes! Says This Book

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Picture Did Hitler Live on Until 95 With His Brazilian Lover in South America? Yes! Says This Book

When you think of despot, dictator, a mass murderer in one line – Adolf Hitler’s name comes instantly to your mind. He is a man both feared and reviled in the history. The world heaved a huge sigh of relief when news of his suicide spread far and across but now comes a new zinger, that threatens our previously held assumptions.

According to this rumor, The Fuhrer lived on happily until the age of 95 in a South American country.

Adolf Hitler
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According to Simoni Renee Guerreiro, the author of the book “Hitler in Brazil – His life and His Death.” The Fuhrer did not commit suicide in the bunker but escaped to Paraguay through Argentina. He finally settled in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

He changed his name and lived with his Brazilian girlfriend, Cutinga.

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Apparently Adolf Hitler changed his name to Adolf Leipzig after coming to South America. The 12,000 natives of Nossa Senhora do Livramento called him as “The Old German”.

The author says that he was in the area searching for buried treasure using the map given by friends within Vatican and that he used his Brazilian girlfriend as a smoke screen to hide his true ‘white supremacist’ identity.


Simoni Renee refuses to believe that Hitler died in the bunker, she has demanded a DNA test to check whether her claims have any validity.

Image Source: indiatimes.com

Simoni Renee, a Brazilian Jew refuses to accept that Hitler died by shooting himself. She has sought permission for the exhumation of Leipzig’s body. She wants to get his DNA tested against the DNA of the living relatives of Hitler.

Simoni became suspicious when a grainy photo of Leipzig seemed to bear a startling resemblance to Hitler.

picture resemblance
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Everything about Leipzig ticked the boxes for Simoni. She says that Hitler deliberately chose the surname Leipzig because it was the birthplace of Hitler’s favorite composer, Bach.

She provides further ‘proof’ by way of a photoshopped photograph. Simoni photoshopped a mustache onto the grainy photograph of Adolf Leipzig and compared it with Adolf Hitler’s existing photographs. The result evidently was a perfect match. Now Simoni is confident that Adolf Leipzig and Adolf Hitler are one and the same and wants to settle it once for all by way of DNA test.

This far-fetched conspiracy theory has met with a cold response from the historians.
[source express.co.uk,indiatimes.com]

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Picture Did Hitler Live on Until 95 With His Brazilian Lover in South America? Yes! Says This Book
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