10 Strangest World Records You Probably Never Knew Existed

by Janhabi Banerjee3 years ago
Picture 10 Strangest World Records You Probably Never Knew Existed

The human species is by far the most curious of all the living creatures. From the invention of wheels to landing on the moon, we have achieved so much. But the thirst to set records and do the impossible never seems to fade. In this article, we’re going to explore the Ten Strangest World Records that will amaze you. Each of them is unique in its own ways, and I’m quite sure you’ll love them.

1 A 102-year-old woman set the world record for the oldest tandem parachute jump from 14,000 feet breaking the previous record of the same from 13,000 feet by Estrid, a mere youth of 100 years 60 days!

Irene O'shea
Image Credit: SA Skydiving/Facebook

Irene O’Shea, a 102-year-old grandma from Australia has set the world record for the oldest tandem parachute jumps in the female category on her birthday.

Irene tried skydiving for the first time on her 100th birthday, and she loved it. Since then, she has tried it again every birthday, and this was the third time she jumped with her 24-year-old paramedic Jade Smith.

The duo jumped from an altitude of 14,000 feet and traveled at a speed of 136 mph before they finally deployed the parachute and landed safely on the ground.

Irene felt quite normal about the jump and when asked, she replied that she felt it was the same as the previous two times.

Before Irene made her record-breaking jump, the title for the oldest female jumper belonged to Estrid Geersten from Denmark. Estrid jumped from an altitude of 13,000 feet when her age was 100 years and 60 days. (1, 2, 3)


2 American forensic artist and former model Lois Gibson, who helped Houston Police to solve crime mysteries by sketching portraits based on witness description, marked her name in the Guinness World Records in 2017 for positively identifying over 1,200 offenders.

Lois Gibson
Image Credit: Abc13.com, Kirk Sides/ Chron.com

Lois Gibson is a sketching artist based in Texas. She worked as a forensic artist under the Houston Police Department to solve several crime mysteries in her career. She was formerly an aspiring actor, dancer, and model.

Early in her career, she got raped when she was only 21 and was an aspiring actress. One night in 1971, Gibson opened her Los Angeles apartment door to a stranger disguised as a neighbor who raped and tried to kill her.

A few weeks later, when she was completely devastated, the same man got arrested for drug dealing and she witnessed the incident. The idea of being with law enforcement had seeded from this traumatizing incident and she went on to become one of the most successful forensic artists in the USA.

Lois Gibson’s sketches helped the Houston Police to trace over 1,200 criminals. This 70-year-old visionary artist has managed to identify the most criminal acts in her career and marked her name in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017. (source)


3 Hamako Mori, known as “Gamer Grandma,” picked up the hobby of video gaming in her fifties and holds a world record for being the oldest gaming geek on YouTube with 482k subscribers.

Age can never be an obstacle between you and your determination. And our beloved “Gamer Grandma” has proved that by placing her name in the Guinness Book of World Records at the age of 90.

The oldest gaming YouTuber, Hamako Mori, might not be the same sweet-sixteen girl when she grew a keen interest in gaming, but 39 years of long perseverance was enough for her to graduate from Cassette Vision to Play Station 4.

Around 1.5 million subscribers of her YouTube channel never miss a chance to get inspired by her spirit and flood her comment box with encouraging comments.

Initially, she found action games hard, but over time, she efficiently managed to make “Grand Theft Auto” among her favorite games. And she mainly loves it because children aren’t allowed to play it. And her words will rejuvenate you as she exclaimed that she is enjoying her rosy life. (1, 2)


4 Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s near-death experience at the age of 17 after a massive accident triggered the drive in him to make the most of his talents. Later, he set the world record of drinking 1.4 liters of beer in 11 seconds.

Bob Hawke, born on the 9th of December, 1929, was the second child of Arthur Hawke, a Congregationalist minister, and his wife Edith. Hawke’s elder brother Neil passed away at the age of 17 due to meningitis leading Edith to build up a strong belief in Bob’s destiny.

After seven years, at the same age that his elder brother Neil passed away, Bob had a serious motorcycle accident leading him to a critical condition for quite a few days.

This near-death experience helped Bob to believe in his messianic destiny that his mother always believed in. He decided to make the most of his talents and not to let any one of them go to waste.


Besides his numerous academic achievements, the one to get the most compliments is when he drank down 2 ½ Imperial pints (1.4 liters) of beer in just 11 seconds because of a traditional college penalty in 1955. In his memoirs, Hawke suggested that this performance has contributed the most for his love in public as an electorate to have a beer culture.

Hawk took his vows as the Prime Minister on the 11th of March, 1983. (source)

5 Charles King, the Liberian president, holds the world record of winning the most fraudulent election that ever happened by winning with 234,000 votes in a country of 15,000 voters in the year 1927.

Charles D. B. King
Image Credit : Alchetron.com , C.G. Leeflang / Peacepalacelibrary.nl

The former president of Liberia, Charles D. B. King, represented the True Whig Party and was re-elected for the third time in 1927 when the general elections were held.

However, Francis Johnson Morris, one of the heads of the National Election Commission, refers to this as “the most-rigged-ever election.” Charles King got a total vote of 234,000 while his opposition leader Thomas J. Faulkner got only 9,000 votes.

From the result above, anybody would see it as a massive landslide victory for the True Whig Party by getting 96.43% of the votes. But in reality, the actual number of voters registered in Liberia at that time was only15,000.

Following the unbelievable defeat, Thomas J. Faulkner accused the True Whig Party of selling slaves and using them as labor. The League of Nations established a commission to verify the accusation and it was found true to an extent.

Eventually, Charles D. B. King and Vice President Allen Yancy along with the other responsible leaders had to resign in 1930. (1, 2)

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Picture 10 Strangest World Records You Probably Never Knew Existed
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