12 Incredible Cops’ Stories that We All Need to Know

by Ayushi Rastogi4 years ago
Picture 12 Incredible Cops’ Stories that We All Need to Know

Some stories make us laugh and others make us cry. However, there are some real-life stories that are so impactful that they have the power to inspire us. We have put together 12 such incredible cops’ stories that we all need to know.

1 When officer Ryan Holets met an eight-month-old, homeless, pregnant woman addicted to opioids, he volunteered to adopt the baby. But that’s not all, he also offered to enroll the parents in a rehab center.

Officer Ryan Holets
Officer Ryan Holets. Image credits: Elyse Samuels, Kelyn Soong/The Washington Post

On Sept 23, 2017, Officer Ryan Holets reached a convenience store in Albuquerque after receiving a call regarding theft. While the thieves had already left, he saw two women behind the store. One of them was injecting a needle into the hand of her partner who was eight-month pregnant.

He reprimanded them for involving in such activities during pregnancy. However, he soon understood that the woman, Chrystal Champs, wants her baby to be raised by a good family. To everyone’s surprise, Ryan offered to adopt the baby and his wife supported him completely.

One month later, the baby, Hope, was born and Holets took care of her diligently. Holets even helped her parents to get enrolled in a rehab center. (1, 2)

2 An Illinois officer caught a teenager red-handed, entering the premises of the gym’s basketball court without any permission. He realized that boy just wanted to play. So, he decided to give the boy a two-year, all-inclusive membership to the gym.

Officer Mario Valenti and Vincent Gonzales
Officer Mario Valenti and Vincent Gonzales. Image credits: Mike Isaacs/Pioneer Press via Chicago Tribune.com

In Chicago, in October 2017, Vincent Gonzales, a teenager, was caught by Officer Mario Valenti while trespassing on the basketball court premises. Once caught, he knew that he wouldn’t be allowed to play in the basketball court ever again.

However, the officer quickly realized that Vincent was a decent boy. He just wanted to play like the other kids. So, Mario bought a two-year membership for the boy. He paid $150 and on seeing his kind gesture, the fitness center decided to pay the rest of the gym fees. (1, 2)


3 Officer Tommy Norman loves to spend time with economically disadvantaged kids in his neighborhood. He indulges them with treats like chips and soda and plays football.


Police Officer Tommy Norman is one of the most beloved cops in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He regularly posts videos on social media platforms. In these posts, he is usually having lots of fun with underprivileged kids in the local area. Either he would be dancing with them, just chatting, or clicking a selfie.

Sometimes, he shares food like chips and soda with them or takes them for a ride in his car. There seems to be never a dull moment when he is around. His social media followers are impressed by his positivity and warmth. Tommy Norman aims to build a harmonious relationship and foster respect between the police department and the members of the community. (1, 2)

4 Several years back, police officer Jim Foster detained a woman for drug charges. He kept encouraging her to do better and turn her life around. So, when she finally graduated, she wanted to celebrate with him and invited him to the convocation.

Tiffany Hall and Officer Jim Foster
Tiffany Hall and Officer Jim Foster. Image credits: KABC

In 2018, Tiffany Hall thanked Officer Jim Foster for his compassion and encouragement at her graduation ceremony. Actually, a few years back in California, Tiffany Hall was a drug addict. She got arrested on drug charges by the lieutenant. Although at that moment, she felt completely helpless, the officer did not give up on her.

He motivated her to go back to school and finish her studies. Uplifted by his support, she enrolled in a university. When she finally graduated, she went directly to the police station. She invited Jim Foster as she wanted to share this achievement with the officer. (1, 2)


5 Ashlee Buratti posted on Facebook about nobody turning up for her autistic child’s birthday party. Florida police took the matter in hand and sent a helicopter to wish the birthday boy happy birthday.

Glenn Buratti
Glenn Buratti. Image credits: Ashlee Buratti/Facebook via Dailymail

Living in Florida, Ashlee Buratti was excited about her autistic son’s sixth birthday celebrations. She invited all Glenn’s 16 classmates. Unfortunately, no one came, and her son started crying. Disappointed by this episode, she posted on Facebook and the post went viral.

Soon, Osceola County Sheriff’s Department joined the kid by flying a helicopter for 20 minutes over his home. After a few days, the department sent police cars, fire trucks, a SWAT van, and a canine unit to wish him a happy birthday. Glenn even got a chance to ride the truck. (1, 2)

6 It was quite surprising for the retired cop, Mathew Bailly, when Michael Patterson unexpectedly met him and thanked him. He was the same kid who he had delivered 27 years ago.

Michael Patterson and Matthew Bailly
Matthew Bailly (left) and Michael Patterson. Image credits: New Jersey State Police/Facebook

In 1991, Officer Mathew Bailly helped a woman on Poe Place Street to deliver a baby. Twenty-seven years later, he was stopped by the New Jersey State Trooper Michael Patterson for a routine traffic check.

Michael asked for his license and meanwhile, they started chatting. When Mathew asked Michael about his birthplace, he mentioned Poe Place. On hearing this, Mathew recalled his old memories of delivering a child named Michael.

Michael had heard this story numerous times from his mother and he quickly connected the dots. He realized that Mathew is the same police officer who was present at the time of his birth. He felt exhilarated and expressed his gratitude to the retired officer. (1, 2)

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Picture 12 Incredible Cops’ Stories that We All Need to Know
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