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12 Incredible Cops’ Stories that We All Need to Know

7. Lindsey Bittorf saw a stranger’s post on Facebook looking for kidney donors for her kid. She did not hesitate for a second and went for the prerequisite tests for a donor. Once the profile matched, she happily donated her kidney.

Officer Lindsey Bittorf and Jackson
Officer Lindsey Bittorf and Jackson. Image credits: Kristi Goll/Facebook

In 2017, Officer Lindsey Bittorf of the Milton Police Department was scrolling down her Facebook account and a post caught her attention. This post was about an eight-year-old kid who needed a kidney donor. The post was put by Jackson Arneson’s mom.

While Lindsey had no previous knowledge about the family, she talked to them and expressed a willingness to donate her kidney. She underwent tests and ultimately when the results came back, her profile matched perfectly with the boy. Doctors transplanted her kidney and Jackson could not thank her enough. They are still in touch with each other and exchange texts. (1, 2)

8. While on her patrolling duty, Erika Urrea witnessed a man in a wheelchair, stuck on the railroad tracks. She dragged the man immediately to safety and rescued him right before the train smashed his wheelchair.

In Lodi, California, patrol officer Erika Urrea saw a 66-year old man sitting in a wheelchair. She noticed that he was actually stuck on the railroad tracks and was struggling to move. Suddenly, the barriers at the train crossing descended as a train was approaching. Erika immediately ran and unbuckled the man.

She asked him to get up and thankfully pulled him from the chair just a few seconds before the train passed swiftly by. They both fell to the ground, and the chair got completely destroyed as the train ran over it. She called for an ambulance and took the man to the hospital. (1, 2)

9. Sheriff Gaetano Acerra received a call from a kid threatening to leave his home and run away. When the office reached his home, he was shocked to see the house was almost empty. Resolved to help the kid, the officer gave a TV and a gaming system to the boy.

Sheriff Gaetano Acerra and Cameron Simmons
Sheriff Gaetano Acerra (right) and Cameron Simmons. Image credits: WSYX ABC 6/Youtube

In 2014, 13-year-old Cameron Simmons called the police department in South Carolina and told them that he does not want to go back to his house. When Sheriff Gaetano Acerra arrived on the scene, he talked to the boy.

The boy told him that his mother screamed at him for using his older brother’s gaming system. The officer asked Cameron to show him his home. On seeing the home, the officer was completely shocked. The house was almost empty, and there was no place for Cameron to sleep.

After a few weeks, the sheriff arrived with a bed, TV, desk, chair, and a Wii game system for Cameron. On receiving these gifts, Cameron was almost in tears. Soon, the word was spread and other members of the community came together to fund more essentials like a bicycle, mirror, furniture, etc., for the family. (1, 2)


10. The Alaska and Washington chapter of Make-a-Wish partnered with Bellevue police officers to fulfill 13-year-old Gage Hancock-Steven’s dream of becoming a police officer. He is battling with an optic glioma brain tumor.

Gage Hancock-Stevens
Gage Hancock-Stevens. Image credits:

Thirteen-year-old Gage Hancock-Stevens, suffering from an optic glioma brain tumor, wanted to become a cop. The Alaska and Washington chapter of Make-a-Wish collaborated with the Bellevue police department to fulfill his wish.

They turned his dream into reality by giving him an opportunity to be a cop for two days. Gage was excited to get his own police uniform and police equipment. Apart from that, he participated in many police activities and got a chance to roam around in the SWAT team car. He was given an exclusive tour of the SWAT team offices. On the second day, he was finally inducted as a police officer. (source)

11. A family called the police for help. On reaching the house, Officer Cameron Maciejewski realized that a baby was not breathing and gave him a few abdominal thrusts quickly. Finally, the baby started breathing and later, was admitted to the hospital.

On 9th July 2020, Sterling Heights Police Department in Michigan received a call regarding a family emergency. Officer Cameron Maciejewski reached the spot. The family informed him that their three-week-old baby had choked while drinking milk. The family was panicking. So, the officer first calmed the family before attending to the baby.

Then, he gave the baby a few abdominal thrusts, after which the baby started breathing and crying. He handed over the baby to the fire department to take him to the hospital. The heroic act of Officer Cameron Maciejewski saved the life of the baby. (source)


12. Kevin Briggs, a cop, stopped a man at the Golden Gate Bridge from committing suicide. Several years later, the man met the cop and thanked him. He is now happily living with a wife and two kids.

In 2005, a man was on the verge of taking his life at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Kevin Briggs, a highway patrol officer, spent an hour trying to prevent him from taking the fatal leap. Finally, the man, Kevin Berthia, was convinced and did not commit suicide.

Eight years later, they were reunited when Berthia presented the cop an award in the Suicide Prevention public service ceremony. Berthia feels really grateful for Brigg’s support. While once he was in depression, today, he is living a fulfilling life with his family, all thanks to the cop.

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