10 Celebs Who Schooled Anti-maskers on the Importance of Wearing Masks amid the Pandemic

by Swati Dubey4 years ago
Picture 10 Celebs Who Schooled Anti-maskers on the Importance of Wearing Masks amid the Pandemic

The United States of America has reported 3.8 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus so far. While more than 141,000 people have succumbed to the deadly infection, 1.03 million patients have recovered in all. The cases are on a rapid surge in the country as more and more people are catching infection day by day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released an advisory urging people all over the world to take certain precautions in order to contain the spread of the virus. As per the guidelines, wearing masks is one of the most important and basic of preventive measures to be taken to help curb the spread of infection. But not everyone is keen to take the guidelines seriously. Many Americans are against the use of masks as they feel the mask mandate threatens their right to freedom.

Amidst the controversy, many celebrities have also come forward to share their take on the mask vs. anti-mask debate. Some of the celebs have also slammed the anti-maskers openly and schooled them about the importance of masks and their effectiveness in slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

Here’s a list of how celebs are contributing their bit in spreading awareness about the significance of masks:

1 Rapper Eminem slams anti-maskers in a new single with Kid Cudi.

Image credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Ace rapper Eminem collaborated with Kid Cudi for the very first jointly produced new single, The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady. In the rap, Eminem slams non-mask wearers and tells them they are pissed off as they are asked to wear, but that’s how they catch the infection by not wearing a mask.

A portion of the lyrics of the rap is:

“Half of us walking around like a zombie apocalypse
Other half are just pissed off and (Yeah)
Don’t wanna wear a mask and they’re just scoffing
And that’s how you end up catching the s— off ‘em
I just used the same basket as you shopping
Now I’m in a f—in’ casket from you coughin’”

Apart from the anti-maskers, Eminem also sent prayers to George Floyd and his families and slammed the “bad cops” who beat him death. (source)

Here’s the video of the song:


2 Bill Nye, the Science Guy, demonstrates the effectiveness of a mask through a Tik Tok video

Many researchers have also demonstrated the effectiveness of using a mask in protecting a person from the infection, but some people are still not convinced that masks are functional enough to protect a person from infection. Such people are called “anti-maskers.”

Bill Nye, popularly known as the “Science Guy,” science communicator, and television presenter, who made academics interesting for us in the middle school shared a Tik Tok video. In the video, 64-year-old Nye compared the effectiveness of different types of masks by attempting to blow out the candles wearing them one by one.

Anti-maskers believe that the virus can easily enter a mask through the pores present in them, thereby infecting the person. For them, wearing a mask is nothing but an act of fear that causes inconvenience in the name of containing the spread of the virus.

Explaining the science and effectiveness behind several masks, Nye picked up a surgical mask for his first demonstration. He said it prevents the particles from his respiratory tract to spread in the surrounding air. While home-made cloth masks help to block the air much effectively and protect you from the infected person around, N-95 masks protect particles from entering your nose and mouth in a medical environment, he said.

Telling people that wearing a mask is literally a matter of life and death, Nye urges them to wear a mask when in public without fail. (source)

3 Tom Hanks shared his experience of contracting coronavirus and the importance of masks.

Tom Hanks
Image credit: Matteo Chinellato / Shutterstock.com

Hollywood star Tom Hanks tested positive for coronavirus along with his wife Rita Wilson last month. Recalling the experience, Hanks said that his bones “felt like they were made of soda crackers.” The couple was diagnosed with the infection when Hank was shooting a film in Australia. Hanks, however, said he has no idea about where they caught the infection. Hanks also said that Rita’s condition was much worse than his as she had a very high fever. Hank also said that Rita lost the sense of taste and smell and couldn’t enjoy her food for more than three weeks. He urged people to understand the gravity of the spread of the virus and act accordingly.


Stressing on the importance of wearing a mask amid pandemic, 64-year-old Hanks said that covering your face is the “least you can do” to keep yourself away from the deadly infection. He said he himself wears a double-layered bandana. and it not only protects you from catching the virus but also keeps you warm. (source)

4 Jennifer Aniston reminds people to “wear a damn mask.”


Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston posted a selfie on Instagram where she is seen donning a mask. Alongside the picture, Friends actress Jennifer wrote that she can’t believe how there are many people in the US who are refusing to take the necessary precautions to flatten the coronavirus curve and keep each other safe. She urged people “to wear a damn mask” at least for the sake of the falling economy, the jobs that thousands of people have lost due to pandemic and the exhausted healthcare workers who are risking their own lives to protect and treat others from the infection.

In the post, Jennifer insisted that so many lives have been lost because people aren’t taking enough precautions. She wrote that people are politicizing the issue by highlighting that their “rights are being taken away” just because they are asked to wear masks. The precaution is only meant to save several human lives, and it should never be a topic of debate, Jennifer urged. She requested everyone to wear a mask, no matter what! (source)


5. Hugh Jackman advocates the importance of masks through a Wolverine street art.

Logan star, Hugh Jackman, spotted an impressive street art of his character Wolverine and shared it on Twitter. Marvel’s iconic character Wolverine dons a mask over his nose and mouth in the poster. In fact, Wolverine also tells others to do the same with “Wear a mask” written on the mask that he has worn.

“Exhibit A. Even Wolverine has to adapt his mask to wearing a proper one,” Jackman wrote alongside the picture. Now you know, if a super-powerful Wolverine has to cover his face so that he keeps away from the coronavirus, needless to say, wearing a mask is mandatory for common human beings! (source)

6 Mark Hamill puts a Joker mask on Star War’s Luke Skywalker to inspire people to wear masks


Hollywood actor Mark Hamill is popular for his quirky antics. His take on the anti-mask controversy is no different! Hamill combined two of his most notable on-screen characters to send a message of the importance of wearing masks during the pandemic to his fans.


Accordingly, he Photoshopped Joker’s mask on the face of his character Luke Skywalker from the Star War movies. While Hamill portrays the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, he has lent his voice to Joker’s character in movies like Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1994) and Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005–2008).

“Don’t be a joker, wear a mask”, Hamill wrote above the picture.

Apart from this, Hamill also updated his profile picture on Instagram by Photoshopping a mask on his face. Another, typical Hamill thing! (source)

7 William Shatner supports the mandatory mask law in California.

More than 50 countries have made the use of masks compulsory. Some parts of the US, like California, issued a mandate that requires people to wear masks when they move out of their houses. Governor Gavin Newsom made the use of masks mandatory in California owing to the rapid surge in the coronavirus cases in the state.

The decision led to an uproar in the city with anti-maskers storming the streets to protest against the mandatory use of masks. Many celebs, including Hollywood filmmaker William Shatner, have weighed in on the governor’s decision.

Shatner took to Twitter to express his views on the mask mandate and wrote, “If you want to argue about wearing a face mask out in public: go home, find a mirror & yell.” With a monkey emoji, Shatner expressed he’s not all ears to the anti-maskers rant!


8 George Takei sports a Star Trek-themed mask and cap to endorse the use of a mask to contain the spread of the virus.

George Takei sports a Star Trek-themed mask
Image credit: @GeorgeTakei/Twitter

Star Trek actor, George Takei, is totally against the anti-maskers. Comparing their dissent on mask mandate to internment camps, Takei said that he has lived in two such camps for four years but has heard less bitching and whining there than what anti-maskers have shown these days.

George Takei also updated his profile picture so that it now shows him wearing a Star Trek-themed mask and cap to convey his message about wearing masks more impactfully. (source)


9 Pictures of Chris Pine wearing a mask go viral on social media. He bought a bag full of books on his outing.

Seems like one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, Chris Pine, is spending time reading books during the coronavirus lockdown. The handsome actor took social media by the storm of late when his latest pictures went viral. The Princess Diaries actor was seen walking out of an indie book store with a huge bag of books.

What caught people’s attention was that Chris followed the guidelines issued by the WHO to contain coronavirus and wore a mask as he stepped out. And Twitter users could not stop fawning over their favorite actor. Have a look:

While some called Chris Pine’s spotting as a ray of hope amid the crisis, others believed there is nothing more fashionable than wearing a mask and buying books at present!

Chris, however, did not speak up about the mask controversy on social media, but the viral pictures of the Wonder Woman actor that show him sporting a mask speak for themselves. They certainly prove on whose side Chris stands on!


10 Singer Alicia Keys encourages fans to wear masks with a simple and short message.

Singer Alicia Keys encourages fans to wear masks
Image credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Seems like the iconic singer Alicia Keys, who has many big honors and achievements in her name for her notable contribution in music, is in no mood to buy the idea of anything that relates to anti-maskers. The Girl on Fire singer doesn’t even believe that not wearing a mask is a thing that can exist amid the pandemic.

In a tweet, Alicia wrote, “Wear a mask, that’s it. That’s the tweet.” She also used an emoji with a medical mask on its face to make her point clear and impactful once and for all.

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Picture 10 Celebs Who Schooled Anti-maskers on the Importance of Wearing Masks amid the Pandemic
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