10 Biological Life Hacks that Actually Work

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6 Taking a warm shower before you get in bed can help you to fall asleep much faster.
Warm shower
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A the end of a stressful day, our body craves six to eight hours of sound, uninterrupted sleep. But not all people drift right off to sleep after hitting the pillow. A simple and effective hack for them is to take a warm shower before going to bed. When you take a warm shower, there is a temporary spike in your body temperature. After you towel off, the moisture on your skin evaporates, inducing a chilling effect. This lowers your body temperature indicating to the brain that it’s time for sleep.

A warm shower doesn’t work for all people. Some people get a more restful sleep after a cold shower. So, it’s best that you should decide for yourself which one works best for you: a warm or cold shower. Showering before sleep is also psychologically beneficial as it represents washing off the stress and tension of the day and going to sleep with a clean mind and body. (1, 2)

7 If you are suffering from heartburn and acid reflux, sleep on your left side to get relief.

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Lucky are those who can enjoy a good night’s sleep after a hearty meal. As for the unlucky ones whose sleep gets ruined due to heartburn and acid reflux, try sleeping on your left side. According to David A. Johnson, MD, internal medicine division chief at Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, Norfolk, sleeping on the left side helps to reduce the symptoms of nighttime heartburn and bring relief.

The reason is not entirely clear. According to one hypothesis, sleeping on the left side keeps the level of gastric acid below the stomach and esophagus. Hence, it prevents the acid from entering into the esophagus. Another way to ease heartburn is to sleep with the upper body elevated. (1, 2, 3)


8 If you are prone to headaches, pinch the area between your thumb and index finger for thirty seconds. It will alleviate the headache.

Acupuncture point Hegu
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Our body has certain pressure points. When we apply the right amount of pressure on these areas, it can provide relief to the body. This process is known as acupressure. To treat headaches, we should apply pressure on the pressure points called the “union valley points.”

The union valley points are situated on the area between your thumb and index finger. Firmly pinch this area for 10 seconds. Then, using the thumb of your other hand, make small clockwise circles on this area for 10 seconds. Then make anticlockwise circles for 10 seconds. Then repeat the whole process on the other hand. This pressure point treatment will bring relief to headaches. (1, 2)

9 To stop hiccups, eat a spoonful of creamy peanut butter very slowly.

Peanut butter
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Hiccups are one of the greatest medical mysteries. No one knows what triggers them or what purpose they serve. Many medical studies have been conducted to know how to stop them, and yet there is no definite cure.


As for homemade cures, there is one hack which has worked for most people: peanut butter. Take a spoonful of peanut butter and hold it in your mouth for five seconds. Then, swallow it very slowly. You will notice that your hiccups will stop immediately. (1, 2)

10 While eating fish, if a bone gets stuck in your throat, take a bite of a ripe banana and swallow it without chewing much. It will drag the bone down with it.

Stuck in throat
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Boning a fish is a very important step while prepping it for any recipe. That’s because having a fishbone accidentally stuck in the throat is the nightmare of all fish lovers. If this happens to you, do not worry. Just keep calm and take a bite of a ripe banana. Chew it lightly so that it is just soft. The bone will be dislodged once you swallow the lightly chewed banana. Then, drink water to clear your throat. In case this method doesn’t work, seek medical help immediately. (source)

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