21 People Who Were Declared Clinically Dead and Then Revived, Shared Their Experiences

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Picture 21 People Who Were Declared Clinically Dead and Then Revived, Shared Their Experiences

Near-death experiences are a source of mystery and skepticism for many while others associate them with religious, spiritual or transcendental experience. Experts have given several medical and psychological explanations such as “disturbed bodily multisensory integration” that occurs during life-threatening situations, the release of endorphins or enkephalins in the brain, oxygen deprivation, or psychological withdrawal to protect the individual from emotional impact of the event. Despite all the studies and research, near-death experience is still a mystery. A few months ago, several Redditors have answered a question on

A few months ago, several Redditors have answered a question on askreddit about these experiences. If you have ever been fascinated by the phenomenon or have had such an experience, we are sure you will find the accounts that we share below of 21 people who were clinically dead and then revived interesting.

1 pregnantinsomnia

Tunnel of Light
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I was buried alive in Mexico when I was seven years old. We were digging tunnels in a sand wall on the beach. It rained the night before so the sand was a little wet. It all collapsed. Most kids were buried up to there knees, necks, ankles. My step brothers thought that my twin sister was lying when she said I came with them that day. They couldn’t remember and kept telling her I stayed at home. Before we left the house that day, my sister told me randomly to yell her name (Ashley) if anything happened and she would hear me. So I remember the tunnel I was working on collapsing, hyperventilating while simultaneously yelling for Ashley, passing out, SEEING THE WHITE LIGHT, more darkness, and waking up over my dad’s shoulder. My sister says she heard me screaming. She ran home and got my dad. My dad got all the neighbors. They were all digging with shovels. My dad made them use their hands after a while so they wouldn’t hurt me. They found me literally 6 feet under. I was coughing at the time of the collapse so I had no sand in my lungs because I was covering my mouth. They found my hand sticking up above my body first because I was throwing sand out of my tunnel. My twin sister saw me and I was blue. My step mom attempted CPR. The ambulance came and couldn’t find a pulse. They used the defibrillator and brought me back to life.

2 GigantoMan

Almost ten years ago, i was in a really rough place. on four different types of anti depressants and “mood stabilizers”… I swallowed EVERY last pill those bottles contained, and I waited thinking that it would be you know really quick, after about 15 minutes and just feeling really stoned, that survival instinct kicked in, and I called up my friend asking him to take me to the hospital… and the last thing I saw was some of my closest friends at the door in tears and then I blacked out. I went into a coma and during that I ended up vomiting and I couldn’t expel it all, so a large majority of it got into my lungs which stopped me from breathing and then stopped my heart for five minutes. somehow the doctors managed to get my heart beating again but I remained on life support for another two days afterwards while still in a coma, and during that time I couldnt move,speak or even open my eyes, I was completely trapped in darkness, and felt like I was choking(after I woke up I found out the reason I felt like I was choking was because I was still on life support when my lungs were finally able to start breathing on their own)

3 poisondonut

I remember absolutely nothing. Hit by a car. Have weird memories of ambulance ride where people who could not have possibly been there were there. Don’t remember the accident but I’ve been told the story so many times I have the constructed memory of events. Seriously do not remember anything from when I was clinically dead (no idea for how long) to waking up several days later… Witnesses to accident were my cousins and siblings and neighbors.

Referring to the memories he had of people in the ambulance.

That was just 1 guy who was a family friend. Not dead, super weird that he was in the ambulance. I know he wasn’t actually there.


4 LadyDudeB

I went into septic shock and organ failure last year. I only remember being wheeled into the ER and then waking up the next day. It was like going to sleep but it feels like you’ve been fighting sleep for weeks (I found dying exhausting weirdly enough). I had no feelings of euphoria, just blackness. I could feel myself dying. I always tell people that my vision was like one of the old fashioned TVs with tubes, so that when you turn it off it just kind of shrinks until the image disappears. I also remember breathing being something that I had to make myself do, no more autopilot until I couldn’t anymore. I was also profoundly sad in that moment because I felt that I would be missing so much, also that I would never see my fiance’s face ever again.

5 TommyVillain

But I was in Japan! When in Rome, y’know!? Sashimi didn’t smell so bad. So I drunkenly started popping them in my mouth like I was eating popcorn…  More was ordered. Sashimi. Beer. Whiskey. Sours.

I got really hot, and kept unbuttoning my shirt. Until I hit the point I realized I had thrown it off and was just in a white T-shirt. But why was my neck so tight?

Panic hits me, and I just lie with my head back trying to focus on something besides my predicament. No go. The lights I’m looking at suck into my eyes and my memory from here on is gone…

Wake up in a hospital. Throat is in intense pain. I’m drunk. Surrounded by Japanese doctor staff, and only one female student stayed with me. She comes and says to me in English, tears in her eyes, hugging me, “You died sensei! You actually died!! ” Apparently my throat swole up, I stopped breathing and at some point I was dead for what I heard was only 18 seconds or so.

The doctor eventually musters up strength to eek out, “You. Uhhhh. Fish. Uhhhhh… Allergy. “

6 flightlesspeacock

There was nothing, just a black void.

It happened during my first c-section. I was lying there talking with my husband, waiting to hear our baby girl’s first cry, when I started to feel strange. I felt warm and my vision started to get fuzzy around the edges. I blinked my eyes a few times to see if that would clear my vision, but it did not. I still felt paralyzed, but somehow managed to squeeze his hand back. After that I slowly faded out to blackness.

Now up to this point it felt as if time had slowed considerably. Then it sped up. It felt like I was only out for a second before I snapped awake. You know like when you fall asleep on accident and then jerk awake? That is exactly what it felt like. I could see normally and the noise around me was back to a normal level. I could also feel the parts of my body that were not numbed due to the spinal block.

7 TonyDanzer

I had just been brought into the ER for a seizure and was being seen by the doctor.

Only a few moments later it started to feel like I was burning up from the inside. There was just this overwhelming heat, and I managed to get the attention of a nearby nurse just as my throat began to swell shut.The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed on an inpatient floor. I’d had a bad allergic reaction to the medication and was clinically dead for about a minute before they brought me back.

I didn’t regain consciousness right away, so I had already been admitted by the time I woke up. Being dead didn’t feel like anything. I was tired and confused when I woke up, but it didn’t feel like I had been asleep. It just felt unreal, like I had blinked and teleported from the ER to the inpatient ward.

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Picture 21 People Who Were Declared Clinically Dead and Then Revived, Shared Their Experiences
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