21 People Who Were Declared Clinically Dead and Then Revived, Shared Their Experiences

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8 EmptyDubz

Near-Death in Hospital
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I’d grown up with severe asthma, and at 12 I had an extremely bad allergic reaction to black mold in our house… I sat in the ER, and a wave of physical and mental exhaustion washed over me. The nurses were more panicked than I was, and failed multiple attempts to start an IV… From what was told to me, I crashed… I was quickly life-flighted to a Children’s Hospital in my state’s capital… I’m not sure of the time from my crash to regaining consciousness, but when I came to, I had IV lines coming from numerous places in my body, and a tube in my airway that assisted my breathing. The faces that loomed over me were almost the scariest part, but I felt a state of calm… there was nothing. I’d truly felt nothing. No light. No warmth. No voices on the other side. And although I hadn’t figured it out at the time, I eventually learned solace from that.

9 Na_mate

Heart failed during a procedure (to see what was wrong with my heart funnily enough) and they lost my vitals. All I remember was blacking out and then hearing music. The music sounded like something you would hear in the early 1900’s. A woman kept saying to me it is going to be alright, and I needed to go with her. I kept saying I wasn’t ready but she was insisting I come with her. I told her again, I wasn’t ready I had sh*t to do here, and she gave up. She said she would come get me again later, and that I was always welcome. Next minute, felt like I was punched in the chest and I woke up. 7 doctors around me and a very sore chest.

10 Bjorn2bMild

12 year old me got tangled up in the hammock on our porch and it wrapped around my neck, I was out within seconds. I had a very vivid dream/vision/whatever of fighting my way through a tunnel. Very large diameter tunnel with smaller tunnels in it’s sides which would produce various opponents. Some I would engage with but most I would evade and race past… I remember the EMTs reviving me and struggling to say my name for them then blacked out again. Briefly came to in the emergency room when there was an intense pain in my groin, it felt like they were giving me a shot in one of my testicles but I’m not sure if that’s actually what was happening. Then woke up the next day feeling very weak with a rope burn around my neck that took almost two months to fade away.


11 ifyouaretheone

When I was very young I was given pennicillin and suffered anaphalaxis. Luckily we lived near a hospital so I was rushed there but I don’t have much memory of what happened then, I was told they injected my heart with adrenaline to start it again. My mother never really talks about it being so serious but I am positive I nearly died. I remember being in the hospital bed and floating above myself, doctors around my bed and my parents there crying. I distinctly remember floating up and up to a light. I could see myself on the bed and I continued to float up until suddenly I returned to the bed and everything was back to normal.

12 Spiritofawoman

I had pneumonia really badly Christmas day in 1984, went to the hospital. I remember struggling very hard to breathe then suddenly I felt like it was effortless and felt a floating feeling. I felt like I was rising up to this point that opened up in the room and in this rift I could see three angels, just ’cause I don’t know what else to call them, one was large and two were small, even though the small ones didn’t seem like kids either. They were welcoming and soothing, more like giving off those vibes than doing or saying anything. I got scared and quickly snapped my head around and I could see the room from above and see my mom running to get help. I said nooooooooo and snapped back into my body.

13 UrsineKing

When I was around 12 I got really, really sick… Whatever it was, my body felt super cold, like I was in a freezer or something, and I was shaking so violently that I remember a nurse offhand mention that I might need to be restrained… breathing got so hard that I lost consciousness and suddenly I felt really warm. Then I realized I was floating above my body… I saw my parents, the doctors, and I could move around freely, even moving through walls… I flew down the hall towards the cafeteria where my older brother was, because I wanted to see him one last time… I rose up toward the classic ‘light at the end of the tunnel’… When I got closer to the light something came up in front of me…  It spoke to me and told me that there was a mistake and that it wasn’t my time yet. I then felt a falling sensation, you know like when you’re having a dream where you’re falling and then your body moves and reacts as if you were actually falling. That happened to me and I ‘woke up’.

14 misenplasee

I’m extremely allergic to peaches and I was at my friend’s picnic and they forgot to tell me that they had peaches in their summer salad… I remember my tongue swelling up and feeling like I was choking. My eyes watered up and a girl who was in nursing school realized what was happening and called 911. Apparently my heart stopped for all of a minute and a couple seconds thanks to Anaphylactic shock… But honestly I dont remember much other than waking up in the hospital with a lot of flowers and feeling ugly.

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Picture 21 People Who Were Declared Clinically Dead and Then Revived, Shared Their Experiences
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