20 Commonly Believed “Facts” That Are Actually Myths – Part 2

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Myth: Shaving makes your hair grow back in thicker, faster, and fuller.

Fact: Shaving your hair does not makes it grow back thicker, faster and fuller.

shaving hair
Image Source: www.menshealth.com

A paper published in 1970 examined the effect of shaving the hair on five men. Each of them shaved only one of their legs weekly for several months. Comparison between the hair of both the shaven and unshaven legs of each man showed that there was no difference in the rate of hair growth or the hair texture.

When hair grows naturally, their end starts tapering at a sharp point. This makes them look thinner. But when we shave our hair, the hair is cut at a blunt angle. Hence, when the hair regrows after shaving, instead of the sharp end, the hair end is blunt which makes them appear thicker and coarser. It can also appear darker against the skin as the blunt end is more noticeable.(source)


Myth: Computers running mac OS or Linux are immune to malware such as trojan horses or computer viruses.

Fact: No, computers running mac OS or Linux are not completely safe from malware.

Mac hacking
Image source: arstechnica.com

Malwares designed for mac OS and Linux are quite less compared to those for Microsoft Windows. So, there is less threat to mac OS and Linux. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are immune to malwares like trojan horses and computer viruses.(source


Myth: Ocean is blue because it’s reflecting the blue sky.

Fact: The ocean appears blue because it does not absorb the light of blue wavelength from sunlight.

Image Source: www.onegreenplanet.org

Usually, people believe that the blue color of sky is reflected in the water of ocean, and hence, the ocean appears blue. But this is not the truth. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the ocean appears blue as the water molecules in the ocean absorb the long wavelength colors at the red end of the light spectrum and short wavelength light including violet and ultraviolet. The remaining lights which are not absorbed by the water molecules are made up of blue wavelength. Therefore, blue light gets the greatest ocean penetration depth. That’s why unedited underwater photos taken without an artificial light source such as flash camera show that even the most vibrant tropical fish looks blue in the ocean.(source)



Myth: Most diamonds are formed from highly compressed coal.

Fact: Most diamonds are formed in the mantle of the Earth below the base of continental plates.

Image source: lhcrazyworld.wordpress.com

This is a common belief that diamonds are formed by the metamorphosis of coal under high temperature and pressure. But geologists believe that the temperature and pressure required for diamond formation are found only in limited zones of Earth’s mantle. These zones are situated beneath the stable interiors of continental plates. The diamonds formed in this region are then delivered to Earth’s surface by deep-source volcanic eruptions.

Diamonds are also formed in subduction zone and asteroid impact sites. Moreover, diamonds, which are brought into earth’s through meteorites, are even formed in space. But the diamonds formed through all these methods are far less compared to the diamonds formed in the mantle of the earth.(source)


Myth: Earthworms become two worms when cut in half.

Fact: When earthworm is cut in half, the part containing the head can regenerate its tail but the tail part doesn’t regenerate and dies.

Image Source: www.bostonglobe.com

In our childhood, we all have been told that cutting earthworm into two will create two new earthworms. But if you have ever really cut one in half then it must have been disappointing as only one part regenerates instead of becoming two new worms. This is because earthworms have distinct head and tail. When cut in two, the part with the head can regrow the tail while the tail portion cannot regrow the head.(source)

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