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24 Facts about ‘Saving Private Ryan’ That Will Make You Give it Some Goddamn Respect

19. After the film’s release the number of veterans who visited PTSD counselors rose so much that the Department of Veterans Affairs set up a special 800 number to help them cope. 

D-Day Veterans and PTSD
Image Source: history

20. The D-Day landing scene was so violent that the film was supposed to receive NC-17 rating. But the Motion Picture Association of America decided to give it an R because it was “masterpiece exception”.

D-Day Landing and Rating
Image Source: fili1793, basilfilm

The opening scene in the movie managed to generate a lot of reactions from censor boards everywhere. It is said that the movie came quite close to getting an NC-17 rating because it was too violent to watch without that warning. Spielberg wanted to release the movie as it was, without softening it down with cuts to suit sensitive audience. He also stated that even if the movie did receive NC-17 rating he would have still released the uncut version.(1 ,2)


21. The Censor Board of India blocked the film’s release because of its violent content and demanded cuts which Spielberg refused to make. He decided not to release the movie at all in India. But the Home Minister of India, realizing the seriousness of the situation, saw the movie and impressed, he ordered it to be released uncut. 

Saving Private Ryan - Indian Censor Board
Image Source: youtube

22. Saving Private Ryan was the highest grossing film in the United States in the year 1998. It was also the last R-Rated film to top the box-office until American Sniper in 2014.

Saving Private Ryan and American Sniper
Image Source: showoffclub, ew

23. Even though Spielberg decreased the color saturation by 60% for artistic reasons, many satellite and cable TV providers increased it to normal values while broadcasting because they received complaints from the viewers that something was wrong with the color. 

Saving Private Ryan - Color Saturation
Image Source: thebestpictureproject

24. Steven Spielberg requested that no one be allowed into the theater once the show begins. 

Saving Private Ryan - Steven Spielberg
Image Source: businessinsider

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