These 10 cities of Ancient Civilization have been swallowed by the forests but you can still visit them

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Picture These 10 cities of Ancient Civilization have been swallowed by the forests but you can still visit them

There is something about the ruins that triggers a chord deep within every human. Perhaps, the dilapidated structures are monuments to the human immortality or perhaps they are a testimony of the  human frailty ( views are subjective). Mankind has been inordinately inquisitive the glimpse into the ancient way of life fascinates him. He may not be able to visit the land as it was but he can definitely walk through the ruins and imbibe the essence of the faded glory. Presenting to you 10 lost cities of ancient civilization, to satiate your wanderlust and to satisfy your curiosity about the ancient civilisation.

1 Copan, Honduras

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Copan was an important city of the Maya’s. It was the capital city of the Maya’s  from 5th to 9th centuries AD. The city was surrounded by non-Maya’s yet it retained the sculptural style of lowland Maya. The city faced turbulent times when its king was captured and executed by his vassal. Copan went into a hiatus for 17 years during which they became the subjects of the vassal. Even though the Spaniards were aware of the city, the archaeologists remained largely oblivious to it until the 19th century. The UNESCO named it as a Heritage City in 1980.(source)

2 Kuelap, Peru

Kuelap, Peru
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The fortress of Kuelap is located on a 3000m high cliff and surrounded by cloud forest. The Kuelap fortress with its 400 buildings and a massive wall is strongly linked to the Chachapoya culture. The Chachapoyan people were known as ‘cloud warriors’ by the Incas. The fortified city was left alone by the marauding Incas and it flourished until the sixteenth century. The arrival of the Spanish conquerors saw the end of Kuelap. The city was lost to the civilisation though the locals were likely to remember the existence of this city. It was rediscovered in 1843.(source)

3 Caracol, Belize

Caracol, Belize
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Caracol was one of the major political centres of Maya Lowland during the Classic period. The city was teeming with life and reached its zenith during the sixth century. The glory of Caracol began to diminish around 950 AD. Caracol boasts of pyramids, royal tombs, large dwellings and an extensive collection of Maya art. The ruins of Caracol was rediscovered by a Rosa Mai, a native logger who had come in search of Mahogany in 1937. It is Mayans largest archaeological site. The main temple at 136 feet is the tallest man-made structure.(source)


4 Ciudad Perdida

Ciudad Perdida
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This is a city that is still partially lost to the human race. Ciudad Perdida is an ancient city discovered in Sierra Nevada, Colombia and dates back to 800 CE. It is even older than Machu Picchu. The city was built by Tairona and is also known as Teyuna and Buritaca. Spanish who discovered the Teyuna called it as the “Lost City” or Ciudad Perdida. It’s terrace’s and plazas were rediscovered in 1972  but full archaeological expedition could begin only on 1976.(source)

5 Ingapirca, Ecuador

Ingapirca, Ecuador
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Ingapirca or “wall of the Inca” is the most famous site of the Incas in the Equador. Ingapirca was inhabited by Canari people whom Inca’s tried to conquer but failed. The second attempt at conquering took a more devious route, the Inca Túpac Yupanqui married the Canari princess and established a peaceful alliance with the community. The Incas expanded and fortified the region after AmerIndian superpower emerged as a threat. Ingapirca is known for its Sun Temple  built in the Inca style. The region does not see much of tourist inflow and is relatively free of modern contretemps.(source)

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Picture These 10 cities of Ancient Civilization have been swallowed by the forests but you can still visit them
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