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20 Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ That Most People Don’t Know

15. The show was ripped off in Belarus. It was called “The Theorists”, complete with four scientists named Sheldon, Leo, Hovart and Raj and the waitress Natasha who lived next door.

The Theorists Belarus
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The production company is owned by the Belarusian government, so legal action would have accomplished nothing. When word got out, the actors themselves quit and later revealed that they had no idea that it was a blatant rip-off. The show was promptly canceled.


16. Mayim Bialik’s right hand was hidden strategically to conceal the glove she had worn on her hand due to the automobile accident that occurred in August of 2012.

Mayim Bialik accident, Facts about The Big Bang Theory
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17. The writers have denied that Sheldon’s character has Asperger’s syndrome or at least falls somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Sheldon Cooper meme
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Despite the pronounced mannerisms, behaviour and lack of social skills which seem to suggest thus, the show-runners have persistently denied it. Jim Parsons seems to think otherwise, however, and portrays him as such.(source)


18. Stuart Bloom, the comic book store owner in the show played by Kevin Sussman, actually worked in a comic book store before pursuing his career as an actor.

kevin sussman
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19. Most characters are not actually fans of the things they are on the show (Jim Parsons has never watched Star Trek).

Star Trek TBBT
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20. Brian George, who plays Raj’s father in the show, has done extensive voice work for various DC animated films.

Brian George in TBBT
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Facts credit: IMDB


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